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“P-pardon me, but what did you just say?”

Robert raised his head and stared in bewilderment at the young girl sitting on the chair in front of him. Charlotte maintained the same impassive expression as she replied calmly.

“Your license to operate on Ausier Street has been revoked. You’re given 3 months to pack up your stuff and leave Ausier Street, otherwise we’ll be enforcing it from our side.”

“W-wait a moment, Lady Charlotte! You have seen our financial reports, so why are you asking us to move out? I can’t accept this!”

Robert exclaimed in astonishment as he demanded a reason. What he received instead was a sharp, cold gaze from the girl.

“Your numbers are good, and it’s true that your business is booming. However, it’s another question whether the money is still with your business or not, right?”

Charlotte’s words brought a jolt to Robert’s heart. Through his many years of experience, he forced himself to maintain a poker face as he tried to explain the situation. However, Charlotte wasn’t interested in hearing his explanation.

“You need not say anything. Do you still not get it? The scent of fortune isn’t on you anymore. Let me see why that is so… Ah, is it gambling?”

The fiery-haired Charlotte took a document that was being passed to her by one of her attendants and quickly scanned through it, showing barely any emotions on her face at all.

On the other hand, Robert’s face had already completely gone dark.

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There was a rumor that the Sorofyas had the ability to turn anything into gold. Anyone with the slightest bit of common sense would know that it couldn’t possibly be true, but rumors don’t just come out of nowhere.

While they couldn’t make gold, they had something almost as good—the Sorofyas have the ability to sense wealth. From uncertain technological investments to wily commercial partnerships, the Sorofyas, who had inherited the blood of the high elves, only needed to choose the path where the scent of money was heaviest.

And today, Robert had become yet another lucky one to witness this incredible ability in person. He sought to say something to turn the situation around, but Charlotte had no intention of giving him the chance to do so. She waved her hand casually, and two guards standing by her side stepped forward to escort him out of the mansion.

“Lady Charlotte, please give me a second chance! I swear that this year…”

Robert cried out as he struggled to free himself from the grip of the guards, but it was futile. The door of the reception room closed after he was dragged out, drowning out his cries.

The other merchants in the reception room watched the sight in nonchalance as they chatted with one another.

“That fellow is from the Roche Merchant Association.”

“Hmph. A newcomer that only started rising last year thinks that he can fool Lady Charlotte. What a fool.”

“It’s futile to attempt anything before La

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