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At the dining table in the Labyrinth Villa, from time to time, Roel would feed a spoonful of soup into Alicia’s cherry lips, and her throat would quiver ever so slightly as she swallowed it down. At the end of which, she would even lick her lips slightly to clean off the soup around her mouth.

(Affection Points +100!)

Is this heaven? This must be heaven, right?

Roel felt like a part of his soul was drifting toward paradise just by looking at Alicia. The smile had barely left his face for even an instant.

The heart-to-heart talk on the bed in the afternoon had led to a complete reconciliation between Roel and Alicia. In fact, their relationship had only grown closer after the slight crisis they faced. Their feelings were manifested in how they could barely stay away from one another at all.

Roel wanted to make up for a week’s worth of missed doses of Aliciatonin, and Alicia was releasing all of the feelings she had suppressed over the week. If not because Roel thought that it was inappropriate, Alicia would have even wanted to join him in bed tonight.

However, there was one thing that had left Roel feeling a little down, and that was Alicia had already turned 8. After overcoming her mental trauma, she was in the phase where she felt that she ought to be more independent. As a result, the thrice a day feeding sessions had been reduced to once a day.

Roel was gladdened by Alicia’s desire to improve herself and mature, but he couldn’t help but feel a little lonely about it. The three times daily healing sessions might have been reduced to one, but that was precisely why he treasured it even more than before.

As a result, there was a very contrasting sight at the Ascarts’ dining table. While Roel and Alicia were being lovey-dovey, the oldest one was left all alone in the corner, munching on his ham sandwich. Carter was honestly a little surprised to see how the two siblings were closer than ever, which left him at a loss as to how he should announce the deal he had made with the Xeclydes earlier in the day.

What’s going on? Weren’t they still avoiding each other earlier in the morning? How in the world did they manage to reconcile so quickly? There wasn’t any warning beforehand! How am I to approach that subject now?!?!

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Carter was all stressed out.

In terms of his stance, he was more supportive of Alicia, who was almost a half-pupil of his by now, but Nora’s presence complicated matters. Only a fool would think that Roel could shirk his responsibility after kissing a daughter of the Xeclydes! Furthermore, the rumor that had been making its rounds…

Why must matters be so complicated? Argh, my stomach is starting to hurt. Is there anything that’s lighter? I should get the chefs to prepare some soup for me…

Just thinking about his son’s future was more than enough to give Carter indigestion, so he ordered for a bowl of rich soup to be brought out.

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