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What did I do last night?

On Alicia’s bed, Roel stared at the foreign ceiling before him as he thought nervously. He could feel Alicia’s body pressing against his, and her warmth made him feel a little fidgety. Vaguely, her soft breathing could be heard. This scenario was strongly suggesting the notion of ‘the following day after the consummation of marriage’, and that really scared Roel.

Wait a moment, didn’t I fall asleep last night after drinking the Loborian Advancement Serum? How did I end up in Alicia’s room then? This shouldn’t be… Is this a dream?

Roel pinched himself.

Ouch, it hurts.

He tried leaning in to take a whiff of Alicia’s scent.

Mm, a little fragrant. Yeap, this really isn’t a dream. But, how did things turn out this way?

Roel’s eyes flickered around nervously as he racked his mind to figure out what was going on. He couldn’t understand why the two of them were sleeping on the same bed, and the gaps in his memories of last night really made him flustered.

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What kind of play is Alicia referring to…

Carter flashed across his mind, and Roel wondered if he should arrange for an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. But again, he suddenly remembered that there was no blood relation between him and Alicia, so maybe things weren’t that bad? Besides, the societal norms in this world were very different from his previous one. Forget about how they weren’t actually blood siblings, but even if they were, it still wouldn’t be anything much, at least by the standards of this world.

Similar to the Middle Ages in Europe in his previous life, relationships between siblings weren’t a forbidden fruit yet. Civilization hadn’t realized the dangers of it, so there was no one who gave a damn about it. Even royals were guilty of it too.

While coming up with all sorts of excuses to reassure himself that it was alright, it suddenly dawned on him that he was still a child. He quickly looked at his clothes and realized that there were all still on him. Then, he took a deep breath and exhaled deeply, releasing all of his anxiety and nervousness.

For the time being… I should escape first.

Regardless of whether something happened or not, he felt a little uncomfortable having Alicia stick so closely to him. For some reason, this lass was becoming more and more charming, such that it was getting harder for him to maintain his self-control.

He carefully lifted Alicia’s head and wiggled his body out bit by bit. Once he was out, he took a pillow to fill up the gap created by his absence. Then, he sneaked out of the room before shutting the door lightly.

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Having finally escaped from Alicia’s room, he breathed out deeply in relief. He took a look around the corridor, only to realize that there was no one outside.

“This is odd. Anna should have at least been here with me. Where is she?”


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