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【6… 5…】

The System’s countdown was drowned out by Roel’s roars as he went on his final rampage.

Roel had no idea who Grandar was exactly, and it was likely that no one else in the world knew anything about him anymore. Nevertheless, there was no doubt that the spell Grandar had given him was extremely powerful. He was even able to gain the upper hand against the powerful Felder, albeit only for 30 seconds.

Under Roel’s relentless barrage of attacks, Felder quickly found himself suppressed. Roel’s stats were actually only average except for his tremendous burst power, but this burst power was more than enough to curb Felder in close-quarters combat. It was fortunate that Felder was a veteran fighter with skills and agility far above Roel’s, allowing him to stand his ground against the overpowered Roel in the short-run.

Despite being overpowered by a child, Felder wasn’t too worried, for he knew that Roel’s burst of power could only be sustained for a very short period of time.

Power and cost were two sides of the same coin in this world. Felder had seen Roel’s true strength earlier, and the latter should only be Origin Level 6. Most likely, the reason why Roel could harness such great power and fight on par with him, an Origin Level 3 transcendent, was due to temporary undead reanimation of his body. However, such a status could only be sustained for a short period of time.

Naturally, Roel wasn’t oblivious to the limitations of Grandar’s Promise either. It hadn’t been long since he last experienced the overwhelming feeling of weakness once the spell duration ended. So, he knew that he would be rendered powerless if he couldn’t end the battle within 30 seconds.

In truth, when he failed to force Felder to retreat within the first 10 seconds, he had already known that he wouldn’t be able to win the fight before time ran out. Nevertheless, he still continued to fight with all his might because he believed that he would be able to catch someone’s attention.

And he was right.


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As the countdown was about to hit zero, just like how heroes always appeared at the final moment, a man’s voice suddenly sounded out of nowhere.

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“Child, you did well. Hextongue: Center of Gravity.”

From the moment he heard those words, Roel knew that his gamble had paid off. At the same time, Grandar’s Promise also finally came to an end.

However, Felder was in no position to continue his offense anymore. There was a peculiar mana reaction occurring on the armor he was wearing. When he raised his head, he saw arrows and bloodied swords flying toward him from all directions.

“Bastard! Are these little tricks all you’re capable of, Ponte?!”

Felder furiously released his mana as the blood mist around him billowed. He glared at the smiling black-haired man standing in front of the boy he had been fighting against.

Ponte Ascart, one of the

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