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The terrain within the labyrinth underwent a complete change. Houses collapsed, and the soldiers of both factions toppled to the ground. This entire region was flattened.

Roel and Wade’s clash created a force far beyond imagination. A huge cloud of dust rose into the sky like a soaring dragon, and it took a long while before everything finally settled down.

There was only one person left standing at the center of the explosion, and it was a black-haired boy. He set his eyes on the collapsed Wade before staggering over with his strained body.

Without a doubt, Wade had lost in the collision of power. Due to Roel’s weak body, Grandar had only exerted enough strength to nullify Wade’s spell, but this was more than enough to achieve victory. Wade was simply too severely injured by the earlier attack from Ponte and Victoria that he couldn’t sustain himself anymore after losing almost all of his mana.

“I don’t understand. You are a heretic. Why do you stand in my way?”

Wade was weakened to the extent that he couldn’t even rise to his feet anymore. From the moment he expended his vitality to force a breakthrough to Origin Level 2, it had already become a battle against time for him to defeat Victoria and Ponte before his body caved in. Strictly speaking, he had lost not to Roel but to himself.

Knowing this, Roel didn’t put on the attitude of a victor before Wade.

He dragged his fatigued body over to Wade’s side, and he looked at the latter with eyes filled, not with scorn, but respect. He pondered Wade’s question before slowly giving his reply.

“There are many reasons. For one, rather than stirring up a huge war of unification, I believe it’s more worthwhile to devote our resources to improving the lives of the populace instead. But, if I really have to choose one… if I were to give you an opportunity to raise your arms to protect your loved ones, would you grasp it?” said Roel as he glanced at a golden-haired girl running toward him.

It was Nora, who had overcome the shockwave through her magic tool. She heard Roel’s words on her way over, and her footsteps suddenly came to a halt. Wade happened to glance over at this moment, and the two of them met each other’s eyes.

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“I see. It looks like we’re the same type of people…”

Wade stared into the boundless sky as the image of his mother, Consort Mary, flashed before his eyes.

“It’s just that I was unable to raise my arms when my loved one was in danger. When I was finally ready to protect her, she was already no longer around.”

Listening to Wade’s remark, Roel suddenly felt a little conflicted on the inside. Wade was someone who had devoted his life to erasing the tragedy he had once suffered. He rose to fight for the heretics, raising a revolution to bring them a brighter future. Yet, at the same time, he brought suffering and death to many innocents. Roel couldn’t help but wonder if he would ha

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