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The patriarchs of the Ascart House had always been interested in the military. Many of them had taken on important roles in the Theocracy’s military, so the Ascart House could be considered as half a military house. It was probably due to the influence of its military background that gave rise to a similar culture in the house as well.

One of the reasons behind that was probably due to its recruitment policies. Servants who were skilled in swordsmanship were given extra points during their interview, and maids with any direct kin in the military were prioritized.

On top of that, the Ascart House was actually a good place to work. All of the employees were paid decently, and the workload imposed on them was manageable. There was hardly any workplace politics like one would see in dramas. Due to that, there were always a lot of applicants seeking work.

Given such recruitment conditions, most of those eventually hired could be said to be quite capable in their own rights. When all of them united together as one to achieve a single goal, they showed military-level discipline and efficiency.

After receiving explicit approval from Roel, Anna didn’t rush to make a move. Instead, the first thing she did was to gather some of the key members of the Roel X Alicia Ship fanclub to hold a meeting so as to share critical intelligence with one another.

In a dark room lit only by a candlelight, several figures were gathered around a long table, and the one heading them, Anna, sat at the very end of the table. Her sharp eyes scanned all of the figures present, and a slight knot formed upon her brow.

“Where’s Butler Fulte?”

“The old master is heading out tomorrow morning. Fulte is making preparations at the moment, so he’ll be a little late.”

“We shan’t wait for him then. Let’s commence the meeting.”

Anna nodded her head contemplatively and made the call to carry on with the meeting. All of the maids and manservants gathered around the long table immediately turned their focus to her.

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The meeting started off with an opening speech that depicted the crisis they were facing before proceeding on to lay out the agenda of the meeting. Following that, everyone began their report.

“Our young miss has looked at the door 11 times today. Every single time someone knocks on the door or footsteps sound by the corridor, she would react intensely. She started using forks and knives during mealtime, but her mood still remains clouded. Her appetite has further reduced from a third yesterday to a quarter today…”

“Our young master’s appetite is still decent. It has only fallen by a third.”

“No no, you can’t look at the matter so simplistically. Our young master is a glutton, so the fact that his appetite has fallen by a third marks a huge crisis!”

“Miss Alicia’s quality of sleep has also been dipping over the last few days. On average, she has only been sleeping 4 hours e

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