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A week later, in a classically designed room, a suave black-haired boy dressed in noble clothes sat on a sofa with dead fish eyes as he listened helplessly to a recount of his ‘glorious deeds’.

He was Roel Ascart, the successor to the Ascart House. A lad who was so unlucky as to suddenly encounter king-level assassins the day right after the new year.

While he was safe thanks to Holy Eminence John’s protection—he even managed to awaken his bloodline by a stroke of luck—his life didn’t return to normal after the incident was over. On the contrary, things seemed to be getting worse.

“The rumor you mentioned… how far has it spread?”

After hearing Anna recount the rumor she had heard at the market, Roel was rendered mute for a moment before he asked with a flicker of hope in his eyes. Anna took some time to think of an appropriate way to convey just how widespread the rumors were before speaking.

“While I was purchasing supplies for the Ascart House, I met a total of 7 people from the merchant association. Of them, 6 asked me if the rumors are…”

“Alright! You need not say anymore.”

Roel hurriedly waved his hand to stop Anna from completing the sentence. Just thinking about the rumors made sweat trickle down his forehead, and he quickly wiped it off with his arm.

The rumor was a story that had recently gone viral in the Holy Capital. From the members of royalty and high nobles all the way down to ordinary foot soldiers and servants, anyone who hadn’t heard the story must have been living under a rock. It was a literary masterpiece that combined all of the elements necessary to make a bestseller, just that such effort was completely wasted on mere gossip.

It was said that in Holy Capital Loren, there were two childhood friends who grew up together. They were both the sole successors of prestigious noble houses, and they came to fall in love with one another. However, as the two of them were already engaged, they were unable to come together as a couple.

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But, on the first day of the new year, the two of them found themselves unable to curb their feelings for one another any longer. Making use of the opportunity when the elders of their families were gone, they promised themselves to one another and eloped. Yet, in this moment of steaming, passionate bliss, evil cultists exploited a weakness in the defense of the Holy Capital caused by the festivities and assaulted them.

After an intense battle that included many narrow encounters and crises, the two lovers managed to defeat the evil cultists by a narrow margin, but the boy ended up suffering severe injuries during the fight. In order to save her lover, the girl offered him her first kiss in order to evoke a spell to heal his wounds.

However, this act was discovered by the rescue team dispatched to save them, and it was reported to the elders of their respective families. Their secret rom

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