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Chapter 84: Are You My Guardian Angel?

When the black-haired man passed by him, Roel suddenly experienced a familiar sensation of dread similar to when he missed the school bus in his previous life. While he didn’t recognize the black-haired man dressed in old-fashioned noble clothes, it wasn’t hard for him to guess who it was based on the fact that he was holding Nora in his hands.

Most likely, that person was none other than his perverted predecessor, Ponte. Ponte was supposed to be his ray of hope out of this quandary, but it seemed like the bus didn’t have any empty seats left for him anymore.


Roel shouted out loudly, hoping to catch her attention if she was awake. He didn’t want to be left behind here.

However, as he looked at the two of them flying openly across the sky, he couldn’t help but feel nervous in their stead. No matter how powerful Ponte was, it still didn’t change the fact that they were in the midst of a battlefield right now. Flying right over enemy lines was a sure way to provoke every single enemy archer.

Sure enough, this was best exemplified by some of the soldiers standing near Roel at this very moment.

“Who is that?”

“An enemy! Shoot him down! Shoot him down!”

The soldiers were infuriated at being looked down on by their foe, who was blatantly escaping under their watch. In just a short second, over a hundred arrows whizzed upwards, targeting the fleeing man in the sky.

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“This isn’t good. Nora!”

Roel cried out loudly in astonishment. His mind completely went blank in this situation. Having just experienced the incredibly destructive power of arrows in this world, he didn’t dare to imagine what would happen to Nora if any of the arrows landed on target.

However, instead of seeing the two flying individuals exploding in a burst of blood, an unbelievable sight happened instead.

“Hextongue: Distortion.”

Just as the arrows were about to strike down their target, the black-haired man suddenly began reciting something. Just like a veteran taxi driver meeting a traffic cop, the arrows that were aimed at him suddenly did a u-turn and flew backward.

This physics-defying phenomenon left the mouths of Roel and many other soldiers agape.

“That’s the patriarch of the Ascart House, Ponte Ascart! Continue shooting! Don’t stop! Anyone who gets him will be promoted!” bellowed Wade furiously.

Felder immediately drew his sword and slashed it in a crescent arc, releasing a concentrated burst of mana toward Ponte that launched with a terrifying sonic boom. Just in terms of pulsation of mana, it was already far greater than what the Origin Level 4 Peter was capable of. Roel felt that Peter would have surely lost his life if he were faced with such an attack.

Naturally, this tremendous burst of mana immediately caught the attention of the whole battlefield. But to everyone’s surprise, Ponte Ascart stood calmly in the face of

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