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Roel had never bothered intentionally putting on a good face before Nora. In fact, he was more than eager to avoid her whenever possible. In the past, Nora had attributed this to her lacking charisma, but now that she was being protected by him in this labyrinth of despair, it dawned on her that something else could be at play.

She could sense that Roel didn’t dislike her. What he disliked was fawning on her. In a sense, he was quite an obstinate person, or perhaps, it might be more accurate to say that he was a prideful person. Even as the exalted princess of the Theocracy, she couldn’t hope to command subservience from him.

Yet, in times of danger, he was someone who was worth entrusting her back to.

Nora felt that she and Roel, at their core, were very similar.

Righteous, kind, and prideful, they wouldn’t allow themselves to yield in any circumstances. In fact, Roel could have made very different choices tonight, especially back at Peter Kater’s art studio. It wasn’t just Nora’s character being put to the test back then.

Faced with a deadly assassin who possessed terrifying strength far beyond either of them, even the powerful Nora could hardly keep her fear in check, let alone the weaker Roel. Yet, he stubbornly chose to hold onto his true nature, which made Nora delighted to know that she hadn’t chosen the wrong man.

It was no longer just about her desire to step on him and fulfill her sadistic tendencies anymore. Her feelings for Roel were already advancing in a direction which even she couldn’t make sense of.

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It was a warm feeling, sometimes a little itchy even. Her mind would suddenly heat up from time to time, but it wasn’t an illness. She realized that she was gradually losing control of her desire to dominate him, but despite all her intelligence, she found herself unable to do a thing about it.

Somehow, there was a mysterious feeling inside telling her that as long as the two of them remained with one another, they might just be able to overcome the current crisis they were in. Having always been a logical person, she was a little baffled by how this inexplicable notion was able to easily overtake her thoughts.

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Roel’s footsteps halted suddenly. Pulled back from her thoughts, Nora raised her head and noticed the blurred outlines of buildings appearing ahead of them.

It was a monastery.

It was rather humble-looking, being small in size and having an old architectural design. It was mainly built from stone, though most of its renovations consisted of wood that was of unknown origin but obviously didn’t look terribly expensive. Hanging at the main door was a wooden panel bearing the insignia of the Genesis Goddess Church. The oil lamp at the entrance was unlit, and the entire building seemed to creak at the slightest breeze.

Nora began scanning the building carefully, whereas a frown swiftly formed on Roel’s face

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