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Locke Street 42.

Roel and Nora were currently sitting around one of the short tables the children in the monastery usually dined at. Neither of them was saying anything at all.

They had just listened to the story about the prince of this country, Wade Xeclyde.

Born as one of the royal twins, he was blessed with incredible gifts at birth. His intelligence allowed him to easily grasp new knowledge, and his transcendent abilities were amazing even by the standards of the talented Xeclydes.

Going by the usual plotline of fantasy novels, Wade Xeclyde should have either walked down the path of success, leading the Theocracy on to defeat the Austine Empire and rise to the top of the world, or he should realize that human nature is inherently evil and fall into depravity, just like how history eventually came to depict him.

But, the truth was neither.

The first 12 years of Wade’s life was filled with accomplishments and bliss. Everything was smooth-sailing, and it felt like it would continue so till the end of his life. Yet, everything descended into tragedy when he turned thirteen.

It all stemmed from Wade and Victoria’s mother, Consort Mary.

Mary was born in an average viscount house in the South Sea Fiefdom. She met Prince Ryan during the banquet held for his sixteenth birthday, and the two of them fell deeply in love with one another. Prince Ryan overcame all opposition to wed Mary, and they ended up having twins together.

Needless to say, the twins were none other than Wade and Victoria.

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Having come from a humble background, Consort Mary was especially empathetic to the suffering faced by the common folk. She loved children and had a gentle personality. She often spent her time visiting the orphanages in the Holy Capital and donated to smaller monasteries. From time to time, she would even conduct lessons for the populace.

Little wonder that she was so well-loved by the citizens.

However, despite her good nature, she concealed a secret that no one could learn of. She was actually a transcendent, and her Origin Attribute was not one of the Three Main Origin Attributes, which made her a heretic. This secret was made known to the public by accident when Wade and Victoria were thirteen.

For the wife of the incumbent Holy Eminence to actually be a heretic… it wasn’t hard to imagine how this would shake the upper echelons of the Theocracy. All sorts of conspiracy theories surfaced, and in the blink of an eye, Consort Mary suddenly became public enemy number one within the highest levels of the church and the royal court.

Holy Eminence Ryan was also swept into the midst of this storm. Consort Mary had turned into the weak spot of the royal family. No one knew for sure just what kind of political strife had broken out within the royal court, but this uproar ended with Mary fading from public view. She was sent to a monastery in the Holy Capi

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