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Finally a clue to getting out of here!

Roel looked at the countdown and the evaluation on the System’s interface and heaved a deep sigh of relief. Fortunately, it seemed like his and Nora’s situation was just temporary. It was likely to be like the ‘dungeons’ in games.

As for what this ‘dungeon’ was for…

【Progress of Bloodline Awakening: 60%】

He had a feeling that it was for this. The evaluation probably determined how much he could earn from the awakening of his bloodline, especially since the rewards in dungeons usually depended on how well one performed.

“System, what is the evaluation based on?”

【It’s based on the user’s actions, decisions, accomplishments, and many other factors. It’s impossible to list the exact factors at play.】

“I see. I guess there’s something concrete for me to work toward now. What does kingmaker mean?”

【Depending on the road you choose, the results will vary. The power of choice is in your hands. The System will not force the user into making any actions, but it advises the user to heed the spirit of the Ascart House. It will be beneficial to the awakening of your bloodline.】

“Spirit of the Ascart House? What is that?” muttered Roel contemplatively as he ruminated over the System’s words.

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He realized that he didn’t have a clue as to what that was. Carter had never spoken much about the values of the Ascart House. His usual lectures were just the usual stuff about how a nobleman should act and the sort; there was nothing special at all.

“Isn’t this problem too tough? Can’t you give me some clues?”

【There’s no one true answer to the questions of the heart. Also, the System advises the user that a man should constantly seek to improve hims…】

“Enough, you need not say anything else,” replied Roel with a wave of the hand, as if to sweep away the System’s constant platitudes.

A carpet placed atop a wooden bed frame for a mattress, Roel lay there pondering for a long while, but no answers came to him. In the end, he could only shake his hand in the air and toss the questions to the back of his mind.

Roel stared at the 60% written on the System’s interface as he quickly calculated how long it would take before time’s up. Considering that the awakening started earlier in the evening and it was now late at night, after the chat they had with Klaude, there was a good chance that his awakening would already be complete by the time he opened his eyes tomorrow morning!

“Eyy, if only it was that easy!”

Roel sighed deeply.

He knew that the awakening couldn’t possibly be so simple, especially since the System deemed it to be ‘Extremely Dangerous’ and that the success rate was only 70%. These two pieces of information constantly dampened his mood.

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He was already halfway through his awakening, but he hadn’t experienced anything yet. He wasn’t sure whe

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