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First Encounter? What does that mean?

Roel’s drowsiness was immediately dispelled by those words from the System. With widened eyes, he recalled the vivid dream he just had, and cold sweat drenched his back.

S-surely not, right? I mean, aren’t dreams usually used as prophetic materials? Or could it be that such dream foreshadowing is too cliché nowadays, so they are skipping right ahead to the main event?

Roel gripped his blanket tightly. The bed in the monastery was already hard enough as it was, and now he was faced with such an outrageous situation. How was he supposed to fall asleep like that?

He stared at the System’s ‘Calculating results…’ many thoughts whirling in his mind. Considering how this System often preached about freedom and that sort of stuff, it was safe to assume that it wouldn’t proactively create events for him. The earlier dream must be a result of some kind of change Roel was undergoing.

There was another thing that caught his attention too.

【Progress of Bloodline Awakening: 80%】

It had been two hours since he fell asleep earlier on, so it wasn’t that surprising to see that his bloodline awakening had already reached such a level. However, there was a new issue right n ow—the number wasn’t changing anymore. The awakening had halted.

Roel could roughly fathom a guess as to why that was so.

Do I have to answer that question first? , he wondered.

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Meanwhile, there were some updates over on the System’s side too.


【Information refreshed. The user has received a unique status】

【Grandar’s Promise

You have made a promise with the king to bring it back to reality.

Effects: Amplifies your strength significantly, grants temporary invulnerability (Lasts for 30 seconds)

Remaining Uses: 3】

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Roel exclaimed in shock upon seeing the notification on his screen. He had never thought that the skeleton would actually grant him a spell.

Holy shit! What in the world is that humongous skeleton? This is way too overpowered!

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However, just thinking of the question posed by the skeleton brought a frown back to Roel’s face.

How do the dead pass down their power?

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Roel really had no idea what that was all about. In this world filled with transcendents, the concept of ‘dead’ was very different from his previous world.

Take the skeleton in his dream for example. With a sword plunged through its chest, it would appear that he had died on the battlefield fending off his enemies. However, could the humongous skeleton really be considered as ‘dead’, especially since he could talk and move?

That was really hard to say.

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Besides, what did the ‘power’ that was mentioned refer to? Skills

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