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“You… How is this possible? Cough!”

The curtains were finally drawn on this life-and-death battle within the fog outside the monastery. A silver flash of light ripped through Peter Kater’s body, and all of the distorted paintings gathered around him were torn apart.

Peter Kater had no more means to avert his death. He felt his mana swiftly flowing out of his body, dissipating into the surroundings.

“I never thought… that I would really lose my life here… Hahaha… Brat, don’t get too smug… You dared to make a deal with that kind of existence… One day, you’ll too…”

Despite having only half a body, Peter laughed at Roel in mockery as he thought about the massive silhouette that he saw earlier, but before he could finish his words, he had already succumbed to death. All that was left on his face was a smile of ridicule.

Meanwhile, Roel was gasping for breath after his massive exertion. He wasn’t in any state to listen. He could only feel a searing heat burning his body.

The invulnerability effect was still active for the moment. As the skill counted down to its end, the wounds inflicted by Smiling Mother and the other paintings began to quickly heal up. A surge of dark energy was swiftly rejuvenating his body, nursing him back to full health.

【3… 2… 1…】

【Spell ‘Grandar’s Promise’ has ended.】

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With the end of the spell, the System’s ‘Evaluation’ was also quickly being updated, and this was the final result:

【Evaluation: High (74)】

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Roel wasn’t too surprised by the sudden increase in his evaluation.

He reached out to touch his abdomen. Previously, Smiling Mother had left a gaping hole there. Now, nothing remained but a smear of blood on his unblemished skin. His wounds had completely healed up, not leaving even a scab behind.

Is the recovery ability of undead that great? , Roel wondered.

He recalled all of the movies on overpowered zombies he had seen in his previous world, but even they didn’t seem so formidable. Perhaps the undead in this world were exceptionally powerful.

“The effects are incredible, but it’s just… incredibly exhausting…”

Roel’s body wobbled from side to side as he spoke feebly to himself.

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Transforming from an ordinary human into an undead and back took a huge toll on the body. Even with his injuries healed, he still couldn’t recover from his frail state right away. It felt like his body had been completely emptied out.

With unsteady steps, Roel staggered over to a nearby worn-out signpost that indicated ‘Locke Street 42’ and leaned against it. He took deep breaths to soothe the discomfort he felt, before turning to look at the monastery with a relieved smile.

It had been incredibly dangerous, but he managed to overcome the disaster in the end and protect Nora. This was enough for him.

“What an irony though. Am I going to

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