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Chapter 27: What Else Could She Possibly Like

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There was a huge assortment of items to Sorofya’s latest winter collection, ranging from cosmetic products—that had all sorts of bizarre ingredients in them but boasted miraculous effects—to daily necessities, jewelry, perfume, and even unique food and drinks. There was nothing lacking at all.

As for clothes, the catalog only detailed the fabric available and the names of the designer and embroiderer; the design itself wasn’t shown in the catalog.

One of the most awkward situations that could happen amongst noblewomen was for them to be caught wearing identical clothes to a banquet.

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For this reason, the designer would pay a visit to the customer’s house for measurements and fittings, and they would design a set of clothing specific to the individual. This way, they would be able to ensure that every single article of clothing was unique.

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The dress that Alicia wore during Nora’s visit was a gift that Carter gave her when she first came to the Ascart House. Even Roel had to admit that it was quite a spectacular dress. It was now the little girl’s most prized possession.

That being said, Roel didn’t get Anna to bring the catalog over to look at these items. The items inside the catalog were all quite amazing, but he was only interested in the very final page of the catalog—the request list.

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One of the business functions of merchant associations was to purchase goods, and the request list was essentially items the Sorofyas were seeking to purchase.

It was not uncommon for nobles to have special requests for the merchant, and the request list was created with the purpose to fulfill these requests.

Take for example if Roel wanted a scented soap right now but it wasn’t available in Ascart City or its vicinity. What he could do was leave a request for an item, something ‘scented and capable of cleansing the body’. Once the Sorofya Merchant Association received the request, they would place it on their catalog’s request list and purchase it from other regions in the Theocracy or even other countries.

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It was possible for the item that was eventually procured to not be a scented soap but, perhaps, a stone that fulfilled the same criteria.

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Only major customers were allowed to make these requests, and they would have to place a deposit with the merchant association first. After the transaction was made, a commission fee would be collected by the merchants. It was basically a special service provided to its VIPs to satisfy them.

There were two reasons why Roel wanted to sell his item through this request list:

First, the ones who placed these requests were high-net-worth individuals, so the prices they offered would usually be much higher as compared to the price

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