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Chapter 16: I, Roel, Speak No Lies

Nora Xeclyde.

This was a name Roel remembered from the memories of his previous life, as well as one of the individuals whom he would prefer to stay away from if at all possible.

She was the future head of the Xeclyde House, as well as the future Holy Eminence of the Saint Mesit Theocracy, which meant that she would eventually become a powerhouse of this world. Nora Xeclyde was revered no matter where she went, such that in the game she was deferentially addressed by the academy students as the Queen. Together with Alicia, they were known as the Golden Sun and Silver Moon of the Saint Mesit Theocracy.

Needless to say, she was one of the four capture targets.

It was just unfortunate that her exterior portrayal of a perfect young lady was not an accurate reflection of her true character. To put it in simple terms, Nora Xeclyde was an extreme sadist.

She put on a dignified look before outsiders, compelling others to defer to her authority, but the truth was that she was someone who derived great joy from inflicting pain on others. That gave rise to her other reputation as the ‘Bloodthirsty Angel’. Any fight that involved her would need to be mosaiced out in order not to traumatize onlookers.

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The concepts of good and evil blurred when it came to Nora Xeclyde. She treated those who were close to her kindly and, at the same time, would never hesitate to stand up against evil. But, on the other hand, it was hard for anyone to claim that she was a good person; not after witnessing the mountains of corpses and rivers of blood left in her wake following a violent rampage, especially with the knowledge that she relished in it.

Roel’s deepest impression of Nora Xeclyde came from a CG in the game. It depicted the supposedly saintly Nora posing with her bloodstained wings unfurled as she stared at the player with an intoxicated look on her face. The contrasting elements of good and evil harmonized in her, forming a breathtaking work of art.

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Art appreciation aside though, Roel wanted nothing to do with such a person in reality. He felt like he needed to distance himself from Nora for the sake of his own sanity.

One must know that even the main character had to spend three whole semesters shamelessly pursuing and fawning over Nora Xeclyde, even nearly losing his life in the process, before finally successfully capturing her. If it was already that tough for the main character, there was no way anyone else in the world could possibly win her over!

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If Roel, an antagonist in the game, were to try to do the same, he would definitely be killed in a heartbeat!

Heh, I even have a professional team to send me off with fanfare if that were to happen!

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Thinking about the Skeleton Pallbearer Army he had exchanged his Affection Points for, Roel suddenly f

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