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Chapter 20: Big Brother, I Love You 1 reply – 2 weeks ago At the Ascart dining room table, Roel, who had been in the midst of his mental healing process, suddenly noticed that there was something amiss with his dear adopted sister. 1 reply – 2 weeks ago He looked above Alicia’s head, and bewilderment surfaced in his eyes. Hm? Where are my Affection Points? It’s not growing anymore? Alicia had always been Roel’s biggest client when it comes to Affection Points. He could expect to see an ocean of green light every dinner, as his Affection Points shot right through the roof, but astonishingly, Alicia had been quiet for the entire dinner. There weren’t even the slightest Affection Points coming out of her at the moment. Is it that Alicia isn’t green anymore, or that my eyes are playing tricks on me?

3 replies – 1 week ago Roel was a little perplexed, thinking that something wrong might have happened to the System. However, when he turned his head over, he saw something green popping up above Carter’s head. 2 replies – 2 weeks ago Ah? That’s not right, the System isn’t malfunctioning. Does it mean that the problem originates from Alicia? So, Roel began examining the little girl before him closely, and indeed, there was something off about her. Today’s Alicia kept lowering her head, and she hardly spoke a word at all. The smile on her face looked forced, and tears were glistening in her ruby eyes. It was as if someone had bullied her. 1 reply – 2 weeks ago A-ah? What’s going on? Don’t tell me that someone actually dared to bully Alicia? That person must be tired of living! 1 reply – 2 weeks ago Roel flew into a rage. As the spring of his Affection Points, Alicia had contributed over half the points he had earned to date. It was no exaggeration to say that she was the key that determined whether the Ascart House would decline or not, along with Roel’s final fate. Anyone who dared make Alicia unhappy right now was practically a mortal enemy who was out for his life! Such a person deserved to be pinned to the ground, beaten to a pulp, and stomped into the earth.

2 replies – 2 weeks ago With such vicious thoughts in mind, Roel began gently asking the silver-haired girl the reason behind her unhappiness, but astonishingly, she refused to speak at all. Huh? What’s going on here? The confused Roel pondered for a moment before asking once more with an even gentler voice. “Alicia, can tell me what is bothering you?” “…” “Is it something that you can’t tell me?” “…” Roel continued asking several more questions, but Alicia insisted on maintaining her silence, leaving him deeply perplexed. What is going on here? Alicia is usually quite obedient, so why isn’t she saying anything at all? Could this be something really serious? This won’t do. I have to make her speak no matter what. Having made up his mind, Roel began drawing forth the huge reserves of untapped acting talent within him to put on a magnificent play. “I understand. It can’t be helped if you

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