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Chapter 19: Have I Plucked Out the Death Flag?

Carter felt that his son was becoming a man.

Sitting on the center seat of the dining table, he recalled all of the pleasant surprises he encountered today.

It was supposed to just be a private meeting between him and Prince Kane over the affairs of the Holy Knight Order. However, it just so happened that Prince Kane’s daughter had been training in the Holy Knight Order recently, and as a doting father, Prince Kane made an on-the-spot decision to grant his daughter a short break. He brought her here with him, thus bringing about this coincidental meeting.

Carter had never imagined that this coincidence would bring about an unintended but pleasant development.

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Nora Xeclyde was a household name in the Saint Mesit Theocracy’s circle of nobles. A pure bloodline and an excellent upbringing meant that she held great potential in her. She was still young, but everyone knew better than to underestimate this young princess.

If one really had to point out of a flaw in Nora Xeclyde, it would be her overly perfect character. Her impeccability made it hard for anyone else, aside from family members, to get close. Even Kane, as her father, had lamented on several occasions that his daughter seemed to be becoming more distant, as if she was putting on a mask of her perfection to conceal her true self.

But for the first time, this independent and loftily high flower of nobility actually took the initiative to link arms with a peer, even showing reluctance to part from him. Carter would have never believed this to be possible had he not seen it with his own eyes.

And what was even more unbelievable was that this person was his own son!

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O’ great Sia, what in the world is going on here?

Carter felt deeply perplexed about this matter. He took a few good looks at his son, assessing the boy from head-to-toe after Kane had left, but he was unable to discern anything. Since he couldn’t determine what had brought about such a reaction from Nora, in the end, he could only attribute it to Roel’s recent diligence.

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Indeed, ever since the previous heart-to-heart conversation they had, the little boy had undergone great changes. Even when hosting the guests earlier, his bearing was on point, keeping a polite front yet not unnaturally so.

Still, Roel would have to put in a lot of hard work in order to get on the good side of that young princess!

Eyy, it’ll be a tough road ahead, my son!

It never even crossed Carter’s mind that the situation was the complete opposite of what he was thinking of, that the roles of who was trying to get closer to who were completely reversed!

In any case, his impression of Roel did improve a lot due to this matter.

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As a father, Cart

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