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Chapter 31: Happenings In the Shadows

What should one do before drinking medicine?

Roel wouldn’t say that he was an expert on this topic. He recalled how martial artists in his previous world had a habit of meditating under a waterfall for several days in order to reach their peak state. However, it seemed like this world didn’t share that custom, though it was not as if Roel would do it anyway.

Some might pray to the gods and wish for everything to go well. However, seeing how Roel was dealing with some dark and sinister stuff here, he didn’t think that the gods of this world would be willing to give him their blessing.

Forget it, I’ll just gulp it down and get it over and done with!

Roel stared at the two bottles of serum that he had spent 1000 gold coins to acquire from the Gold Coin Shop—Lobor Enhancement Serum Type II and Lobor Cooling Serum. The former was a bottle of viscous black fluid that looked no different from crude oil while the latter looked a teeny bit tamer with its dark blue color.

He uncapped the two bottles and began pouring them into a glass cup.

To his surprise, the black viscous fluid flowed smoothly like water whereas the tamer dark blue fluid flowed slowly like a thick molten caramel. The two fluids began to effervesce upon contact, as if some sort of sinister chemical reaction was taking place.

Roel eyed the color of the mixture carefully as he recalled the description of the items.

“I’ll be able to drink it once the color settles at dark red…”

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Time ticked by as Roel observed the mixture patiently. Around ten minutes later, the mixture inside the glass cup finally turned dark red, and the effervescence had stopped too.

Roel picked up the cup and took a sniff. He could smell a scent similar to orange juice in it.

“System, is this fine? Can I drink it now?”

【Scanning object…】

【Color matches. Reaction matches. The serum is ready for consumption.】

“That’s a relief. But still, it feels so odd for something with the texture of milk to have the smell of oranges… Forget it, cheers!”

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Roel swirled the fluid inside the glass cup lightly before tilting his head back and gulping down this serum mixture that had cost him 1000 gold coins.

Its texture is thick like gravy, and it has a weird taste too. The slight orangey scent does mellow down the weirdness a little, making it at least palatable.

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For those inquisitive minds out there, this was Roel’s commentary on how this highly expensive serum mixture tasted.

That being said, the value of medicine lay not in its taste but in its effectiveness. After downing the serum mixture, Roel closed his eyes to focus on the miraculous changes that were happening to his body…

… or he would have been if not for the fact that nothing was happening at a

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