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Chapter 25: Steam Discount 4 replies – 13 hours ago Roel had always thought that the items sold at the Gold Coin Shop were extremely bizarre, ranging from the earlier bloodline enhancement item to this serum. Their side effects were so adverse that it really made him wonder who, in their right mind, would consume them. In order not to die from consuming a 500 gold coin enhancement serum, one had to fork out an additional 1500 gold coins? Heh, what a smartass! Is there a worse case of predatory marketing out there in the world? If it’s dangerous, why don’t you just mix the two serums together before selling them then?! Roel heaved a deep sigh before he began to look into this ‘Lobor’ place. It turned out that there was no such place inside the Theocracy, so Roel chose to ask the home tutor who taught him culture and geography about it. “Young master, there is a place called Lobor in the world, but it’s located inside the Austine Empire, and I don’t recall any battle ever having occurred there. Perhaps, you might have remembered wrongly?” replied the white-haired, white-bearded old scholar, Flori. 1 reply – 1 week ago Flori was extremely knowledgeable, due to having spent his younger years touring the world, which was also why he was eventually recruited as Roel’s tutor. However, the eyes that he directed toward Roel were filled with disdain. He felt that this wastrel of a scion had simply heard of some rumors about Lobor somewhere and wanted to bring it up to test him, and if he failed to answer the question, the latter would use this matter to kick up a huge fuss. “… I see. Since that’s the case, let’s proceed with the lesson then, Mister Flori.” Surprisingly, Roel didn’t make use of this opportunity to kick up a fuss. On the contrary, Roel listened attentively during the entire lesson, though he asked quite a bizarre question after the lesson ended. “Mister Flori, are there still any world maps remaining from before the Third Epoch?”

1 reply – 12 hours ago “Maps before the Spirit Cataclysm of the Capital? I don’t think you’ll be able to find any of those in the open markets. Maps are very valuable, you see. If you’re looking for a map from over a thousand years ago… I’d say that the only people who could possibly have them are the royal families of each country.” 2 replies – 12 hours ago “Ah, I understand.” 1 reply – 12 hours ago With a nod, Roel bade this bad-tempered old scholar farewell as he wondered if this ‘Lobor’ mentioned by the System was a place existing long before the Third Epoch. The migration to the west prior to the inception of the Third Epoch had dealt a huge blow to human culture. Many historical records went missing during that period of time, leaving behind huge gaps in known history. Even a wartorn area which had created quite a formidable serum ended up being forgotten by the world. “A civilization that has already been forgotten, is it?” Roel muttered as he suddenly felt a little forlorn. Perhaps he might be the onl

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