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Chapter 12: Sorry, We Just Want To See The Ships Set Sail

If one were to ask when Roel was the happiest each day, the answer would certainly be right now.

At the entrance of the mansion stood a silver-haired girl with arms spread wide. She hugged her brother, who had just returned from an exhausting day at his internship. Her slightly shy demeanor and exquisite looks formed great chemistry, producing an irresistible charm that drew others in.

“I’m back, Alicia.”

Feeling a bit gleeful from receiving the slightly awkward little girl’s sweet hug, Roel reciprocated by returning the hug while patting her head dotingly.

As things would have it, Roel had a role to play in Alicia’s current reaction.

It was not too hard to imagine that Alicia was far from the kind of person who would actively hug others. She had a reticent and composed nature, and her family had brought her up to be a well-mannered and graceful lady. Other than her deceased father, she had never hugged anyone else before.

But her cool demeanor was met with Roel’s warmth. Every time he returned from work, he would greet this little girl with a warm hug. At the start, Alicia would stiffen up under his embrace, suffering from the culture shock. As time went by though, she gradually grew used to it, and in the recent two days, she even began to hug Roel on her own accord.

Under Roel’s influence, she was gradually becoming more proactive in expressing herself. Roel felt that this was one of the two important signs that Alicia was starting to accept him, the other one being how Alicia was addressing him right now.

“Big brother Roel, it’s itchy. Hahaha!”

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Roel mischievously blew at Alicia’s neck, tickling her a little. Under his attack, the little girl who had matured earlier than her age ended up breaking out in laughter.

Alicia changed the way she addressed Roel around a week after their first meeting. It was bound to happen given how quickly they grew closer to one another. However, it was only when no outsiders were around that she would address Roel as ‘big brother’; on other occasions, she would go with a more formal ‘Lord Brother’.

In any case, these changes were a good sign as it showed that Alicia was slowly beginning to open up.

“My apologies. Did you dislike it?”

“N-no, that’s not it.”

Hearing Roel’s concerned question, Alicia quickly shook her head, her shimmering silver hair swaying along with the movement. Her desire for warmth instinctively drew her to Roel, and after a moment of hesitation, she carefully buried her face into Roel’s shoulders.

Just like that, the two children continued hugging one another. The maids around couldn’t stop themselves from smiling upon seeing this sight, and the green light of Affection Points glowed above their heads.

The young master and miss are as close as always~

As someone who had witnessed how the relation

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