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Chapter 10: Coach, I Want To Play Basketball

What kind of person was Roel Ascart?

If someone were to ask the farmers of the Ascart Fiefdom this question a month ago, they would have surely laughed their heads off.

Everyone knew that nobles of Roel Ascart’s standing usually stayed in the most stately of mansions within the city. Even those living in the city would struggle to catch a glimpse of him, let alone farmers living in the city outskirts like them.

But a miracle occurred half a month ago. The young master of the marquess house actually lowered his pride to step onto the fields on the outskirts of town in order to visit the farmers, thus granting Old Kent and the others the rare opportunity to see him in person.

And everyone’s first response upon seeing Roel Ascart was all the same⁠, and that was to take a second look. He was simply too good-looking, that’s why.

Roel’s face was a lethal weapon in reaping Affection Points. Some said that he was cute, some said he was handsome; if the public had a list of desired features, Roel’s face would certainly check them all. It wasn’t long before rumors comparing Roel’s looks to the beautiful elves of stories began spreading far and wide, making him the perfect lover budding young women who had just opened their eyes to the opposite gender dreamed of.

The next thing that people noticed about Roel after his physical appearance was his attitude. From Old Kent’s point of view, Roel Ascart was an earnest person who treated his subordinates with respect.

It was nearing autumn now, so the weather had cooled down significantly. Nevertheless, the noon sun was still an adversary that ought to be feared. There was plenty of restless fidgeting amongst those queuing up, and even Old Kent himself couldn’t help but feel irritated under such weather.

Despite so, Roel Ascart was still able to maintain his poise. He didn’t lash out at his subordinates; on the contrary, his attitude was even better than the usual tax officials that came down.

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Of course, as a noble, it went without saying that there was no way Roel Ascart would be exposed to the sun like the rest of them⁠—there was a servant holding an umbrella up to shelter him from the glaring sunlight⁠—but to be honest, it didn’t make too much of a difference. On top of that, he had to maintain his spells in order to keep the millstone turning.

From such a perspective, it would stand to reason that Roel Ascart would have been far more exhausted than the farmers, who were only standing in the queue.

Thinking up to this point, the old farmers couldn’t help but think in their minds: Young master Roel sure is a wonderful person!

While Kent and the others were looking at Roel with looks of admiration, the latter was also looking at them⁠—with the green light popping up above their heads, of course⁠—feeling deeply moved too.

What a wonderful harvest I’m having here!

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