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Chapter 13: Don’t Worry, My Ship Will Never Capsize

Father will be back tomorrow? So fast?

Roel was surprised because he didn’t think that Marquess Carter would get a break all of a sudden. He subconsciously stroked his lower jaw contemplatively, seemingly emulating the gestures of old scholars in the Country of Academics, Brolne.

Amused by the sight of an elderly gesture on the little boy, the watching servants couldn’t help but chuckle a little.

For Marquess Carter, a noble of the Saint Mesit Theocracy, the concept of fixed workdays didn’t exist. Who could possibly force someone of his standing to work? That being said, as the Chief Magician of the Holy Knight Order, Marquess Carter could be considered a military man, and he was responsible for researching new spells and training his subordinates.

The key behind the continued prosperity of the Ascart House lay in its deep-rooted connections with the military. The presence of talented magicians in its lineage allowed its influence to permeate the military. In fact, if one were to trace a few generations up the lineage, there were even some from the Ascart House who had risen to the very top of the military.

As such, Marquess Carter often spent his time with the knights, choosing to entrust the management of the fiefdom to the officials under him. He would only return for three to five days per month to conduct a routine inspection and hold meetings to set a direction for the fiefdom’s development.

Needless to say, this was also the reason why Roel grew up without any family members, and Marquess Carter felt deeply guilty about it.

Roel did a quick calculation, it had only been half a month since his father last departed. It was peculiar that he was returning so quickly and for him to bring a guest back with him too…

One should know that those qualified to become guests of the Ascart House were no minor figures. At the very least, they had to be a noble of at least viscount rank for Marquess Carter to take the trouble to inform the mansion in advance. His underlying meaning was ‘ It’s a VIP, so prepare yourselves! ’.

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Roel couldn’t help but wonder just who it could be.

He earnestly thought about it for a while, and in the end… he decided to dig into his dinner instead.

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It couldn’t be helped that there were only so many people he knew! Rather than let his mind wander aimlessly, he might as well do something useful like filling his belly and earning some Affection Points!

“Come, Alicia. Ahhh——”


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“What a good girl. How does it taste? I told the chef to add a little more sugar, so it shouldn’t be too sour this time.”

“Mm, it tastes much better than before. Thank you, big brother Roel.”

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Alicia raised her head up and revealed a sweet smile. Her sparkling ruby eyes look

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