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Chapter 3: Something Is Wrong Here “Thank god!” A sudden scream of excitement sounded from the study room, causing the maid standing at attention outside to jolt in fright. As if a brave warrior who had found a ray of hope in the midst of despair, the little boy inside the study room stared at the System Interface in front of him with eyes widened expectantly. 【Ding!】

【System initialized.】

【Welcome to the House Resurgence System!】 It’s here! It really is what I thought it is! Roel looked at the three words ‘House Resurgence System’ with his eyes brimming with tears of agitation. As expected of his System, it was tailored right down to his needs! He was still thinking that there was no way to save the Ascart House when his System delivered what he needed right into his hands. With such a System on his side, what did he have to fear? Let me see what there is on the System! 【World scanning completed. Host scanning completed. Installation of Affection Point Exchange Shop completed. Installation of Gold Coin Shop completed. User Interface created.】 【Name: Roel Ascart

Gender: Male

Age: 9

Bloodline: Iron

Epithet: –

Tier: F- (Magician Apprentice)

Fundamental Spells: Minor Heatwave, Phantom Hands (Defective)】

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“…” I never knew that there’s still a F- beneath F… 1 reply – 3 hours ago Roel stared at his User Interface back and forth twice. In the end, he could only sigh deeply and admit to the fact that he was indeed a weakling. A Magician Apprentice when he was already 9-year-old? Who in the world would believe that his father was the Chief Magician of the Holy Knight Order?! The little boy clutched his forehead as he lamented the lackadaisical life he had lived prior to recalling his memories. Shaking his head, he decided to try out his two Fundamental Spells first. Minor Heatwave allowed him to produce a slight gust of warmer wind, creating an effect reminiscent to that of a hairdryer. As for Phantom Hands, it was a spell that granted one the ability of telekinesis. As for why there was the additional tag of (Defective) behind it… “…” Roel looked at the invisible hand floating before him, which had nothing but its middle finger, and he suddenly felt like he had been grievously humiliated. 2 replies – 3 hours ago Forget it, none of this is important. As long as I have the help of the System, I’ll surely be able to rise up against all odds! Let me see what is there in the Exchange Shop first… Roel calmed himself down before turning his attention back onto the System. 【Affection Point Exchange Shop

You can collect the affection that sentient beings have toward you in your vicinity and convert them into points. These points can be used to purchase facilities and items that will aid you in the resurgence of your noble house. The types of affection include kinship, friendship, romance, respect, infatuation, and such. The items that have been exchanged cannot be

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