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Chapter 4: Push and Pull on the Dining Table Time to go for an all-out fight! In the Marquess Carter’s study room, Roel touched the emblem pinned before his chest with a solemn expression on his face, reminiscent of a Pendor Knight clutching onto his blade prior to the start of a battle. Today was the adopted Alicia’s first day in the Ascart House, so it was bound to be an important occasion to her. However, due to his recollection of his past memories, Roel had already ruined their first meeting. Ey! What a huge regret! Why did I react so slowly back then? With my looks, even if I can’t charm her over right away, I would have at least been able to leave her with a favorable impression of me! Roel examined the black-haired, gold-eyed boy reflected in the glass before him before squeezing his slightly chubby but attractive face. Once again, he affirmed himself. Yeap, I’m good-looking. And judging from the game’s character illustrations, my dad and mum’s genes are still quite stable. I’ll continue to grow more and more handsome with time. Maybe it’s my delusion at work, but after wearing this emblem, I feel like I look a little more… pleasing? The little boy poked at the silver emblem on his chest with his finger as he built up his confidence for the battle he was going to fight later on.

He might not have left a good first impression on Alicia, but there was still a chance to salvage the situation. With this item aiding him, he would make sure to brush up Alicia’s affection for him and destroy the death flag in its cradle! But first and foremost, Roel felt that he should find someone to try his hand first. “Anna, you must have waited a long while for me. Are you tired?” The door to the study room opened, and an adorable little boy leaped right into the embrace of the maid standing by the doorway, looking up at her with big, round eyes. “Young master? What’s wrong?” The maid that was assigned to take care of Roel’s daily needs stared at the little boy holding onto her leg in shock. She was baffled by her young master’s sudden act of intimacy. Roel Ascart was rather notorious for his spiteful mischief. Due to him having lost her mother at a young age, his father, Marquess Carter, doted on him excessively, not bearing to hit or scold him in the least. He viewed it as a way to make up for Roel’s loss in maternal love. Such an environment proved to be ideal in cultivating the stereotypical arrogant young master, as could be seen from the 9-year-old Roel. He was smart enough to rein himself in before his father and the other nobles, but those who interacted with him on a day-to-day basis knew deep well that there was another side to him⁠—how could they not know when they were victims of his malice themselves? None of the servants of the Ascart House dared to speak of this matter aloud, but they were deeply unnerved by the fact that this little tyrant would one day become their master and even the head of this fiefdom. Anna, especially, was plannin

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