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Chapter 6: It’s All Green! “Pu!” “L-lord Brother?” “It’s nothing. Haha.” Under Alicia’s concerned look, Roel shrugged it off with a laugh as he glanced at the top of her head. Due to the two year age gap between them, Alicia was half a head shorter than him, so the ‘ Affection Points +1000 ’ was practically sticking right next to his face. Holy moly! 1000 Affections Points! A freaking four-digit figure! Roel was screaming frenziedly in his mind, and he had a strong urge to do a celebratory dance right on the spot. While the Emblem of Glory probably played a huge role too, it was still unbelievable to him that a four-digit figure would roll in just by feeding Alicia a spoonful of meat. This was way better than him tearing up before Anna! Roel turned to look at Alicia with his golden eyes once more, and this time, other than pity, his eyes also carried a hint of joy too. By brushing up Alicia’s affection, not only will I be able to avert my death flag, I’ll be able to strike it rich too! This is killing two birds with one stone! “Come, have another mouthful. Ah——”

“Glomp.” Affection Points +50! “Alicia, this beetroot is delicious. Have a taste.” “Un… Glomp.” Affections Points +70! “This is the orange juice that goes well with the specialty wine that Viscount Ross gave our father. It has a citrusy sweetness to it. You should have a try.” “Glub glub… Lord Brother, this orange juice is really, really sweet!” “Isn’t it so? I also think it’s delicious too.” Affection Points +100! It was as if a switch inside Roel had been flicked on when he saw how numbers that kept popping up above Alicia’s head. He immediately got into his overly doting brother mode and ordered his servants to grab everything delicious that he could think of within the house and bring it over. “Bring me the chocolates that Viscount Ryan sent me for my birthday this year.” “Bring me the milk candy that my father gave me.” Quick, just bring everything here! Standing behind the duo, Anna stared with googly eyes as the selfish and bad-tempered young master she struggled to handle unhesitatingly brought out all of the good stuff he had stashed away to share them with Anna. Even the Seven-colored Royal Macarons that he couldn’t bear to eat went right into Alicia’s mouth, as if fearing that she wouldn’t have enough to eat. What in the world is going on? Does the young master really like his new stepsister so much? It doesn’t make sense for their relationship to have proceeded to such an extent so quickly… Or could it be that… Anna’s eyes widened even larger. Looking at the loving siblings before her, she thought that she might have just inadvertently stumbled upon the truth. Heh, is that how it is? Well, I must admit that Miss Alicia is a beauty in the making. Looking at the blissfully smiling silver-haired girl, Anna’s lips inched upward to form a knowing adult smile. That explains why the young master acted so out of character the first time they met. It turns out that he has fallen

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