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When he heard Alicia boldly declaring that she would handle the treatment of his ailing life force, Roel was a little worried. In his view, she was someone who needed protection, especially since she had never demonstrated her transcendent abilities before him.

Ah, that’s not exactly right either. Occasionally, while spending time together, Alicia would cast trivial spells to help him preserve ancient records and other such tasks. However, these spells could be easily cast by Origin Level 6 transcendents too, so it was impossible to determine the extent of her capabilities through that.

As such, Roel didn’t think that it was safe to leave everything to her. Instead, he called Andrew over and had him examine Alicia’s bloodline to determine if it fulfilled the criterion.

When Andrew walked through the door and laid his murky eyes upon Alicia, Roel felt his heart skipping a beat out of worry. Then, Andrew’s pupils suddenly dilated.

What’s going on? Did we really manage to find a transcendent with almost unlimited life force somehow? T-this is… impossible!

Despite having lived for over a hundred years, the old man had never seen such a unique bloodline before. He cast a spell to allow him to better inspect Alicia’s condition, affirming that the life force she possessed indeed far surpassed that of ordinary humans. Seeing this, he exhaled deeply with a thankful look on his face.

Roel’s salvation was salvation for the team of medical experts attending to him too. They were working on a tight timeline, especially with the Ascart House already in Rosa City to pressure them. The enormous stress crushing down on them left them constantly racking their brains in frustration for solutions, such that some team members had even gone bald from scratching their scalps out.

Andrew was a little more fortunate in the sense that he still had lush white hair as he hadn’t taken up too many stressful jobs in his younger years. His beard, however, was much less fortunate. He had a habit of tugging on his beard whenever he was deep in thought, and the force he exerted was proportionate to how difficult the question was. He must have at least tugged out twenty beard hairs over the last two days, so it should be understandable why he would be so agitated to see Alicia at this time.

“Child, I think that you fit the criterion. Are you able to manifest your life force?”

Andrew looked at the silver-haired girl with anticipation in his eyes, wanting to see her legendary ability in action. Alicia pondered for a brief moment before nodding her head in response. She stretched her hand outward and closed her eyes.

The atmosphere around her immediately changed, and wisps of light rose from her body.

For some reason, Roel felt inexplicably excited upon witnessing this phenomenon. He felt Alicia was like the silvery full moon casting its lucent glow on him, leaving him feeling as if he was soaking in chilling and refreshing springwater, re

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