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It was yet another peaceful night in Rosa City. A refreshing breeze swept through the streets with a hint of spring’s warmth.

Sitting on a chair, Roel looked past the railings to gaze upon the bustling night scene beyond the tower he was in. A long time later, he remarked wistfully.

“Rosa sure is a prosperous land.”

Unlike the modern world, the concept of ‘night life’ wasn’t commonplace in the Sia Continent. Illumination tools in this era weren’t particularly expensive, but it was still a cost in itself. On top of that, their degree of illumination was poor, making them not particularly functional. The larger a city was, the more difficult it would be to light it up at night.

Places like the Ascart City would usually be plunged completely into darkness a few hours after nightfall. Its people were already accustomed to rising at dawn and sleeping at dusk, a habit inculcated due to their environment.

As one of the most prosperous cities in the world, Rosa’s night was very different from that of the rest of the world. Its streets and alleys were filled with special ores the Sorofyas had mined from the southern mountain range. They lit up just by infusing mana into them, replacing traditional light sources.

When night fell over Rosa, lights of different colors would fill the city, breathing life into the streets. Night markets were established and swiftly grew in popularity, attracting huge crowds. It made Roel feel as if he had returned back to his previous life.

“It truly is a prosperous city, but this means it’s noisy too. I prefer the peaceful night of prayers in the Holy Capital much more.

“Everyone has their own preferences. As the heart of the church, the Holy Capital does feel much more solemn and quieter.”

“Which do you prefer?”

Sitting opposite of the dining table, Nora placed her wine cup down as she looked at Roel intently. Roel felt his heart skip a beat. He sensed that there was something different about Nora today, so he took some time to ruminate before answering.

“I like them both. When I’m bored, it’d nice to drop by Rosa to uncover novel delights. When I’m feeling frustrated, the calming prayers echoing in the streets of the Holy Capital will put my heart at ease. Of course, I still prefer Ascart City the most. It’s my home, after all.”

Sorry, but my nest is still the best of all.

Faced with Nora’s deliberate question, Roel threw out a third answer and dug his way out of the trap. Surprisingly, Nora didn’t respond to his answer. She turned her head beyond the railings to quietly gaze at the distant scenery. Faced with such a peculiar response, Roel’s forehead gradually furrowed.


What’s going on?

Roel was perplexed.

It was an hour ago that Roel arrived at Nora’s residence in Rosa City. While undead reanimation was quite a rare status condition, it wasn’t too difficult to dispel. The medical team in Rosa were more than equipped to deal with it. However, as he w

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