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“A fine night to you, Miss Charlotte. It really has been quite a long time since we last met at the Ascarts’ manor. May I know how yourtransactionwith Lord Brother has been proceeding thus far?”

“Miss Alicia, it has indeed been a long time. Your complexion looks good. It seems like you can sleepperfectlywell even without Roel’s accompaniment.”

In an extravagant banquet hall, there stood a girl with auburn hair clothed in a dress of crimson rose, her eyes were tightly locked with a silver-haired girl donning a flowing white gown. There wereamicablesmiles on their faces as they greeted one anotherintimately. An euphonious melody was playing gently in the background as elegantly-dressed men and women socialized with one another with wine cups held gracefully in their hands. There were also plenty of guests dancing beautifully at the center of the banquet hall, moving along to the melody.

It was a scene of harmony.

Today was an important anniversary that commemorated the day more than a hundred years ago when, under the witness of the Ascart House, the Austine Empire was pressured into signing a ceasefire agreement with the Rosa Merchant Confederacy and to officially recognize its independence. Diplomatic relations between the former enemies were quickly established thereafter.

This was a day of celebration to remember the hundred years of unyielding tenacity of the Rosaians for freedom, so it was aptly named as ‘Liberation Day’. It was only second to Rosa’s National Day in terms of significance.

This year, however, the celebrations were further ramped up due to the sudden arrival of esteemed guests, bringing about a more festive atmosphere.

The lord of the Ascart Fiefdom, Carter Ascart, had come to visit together with his sole son and heir, Roel Ascart. Along with the Ascarts, there was a group of old retired soldiers who had participated in the founding ceremony of the Rosa Merchant Confederacy. These soldiers had fought alongside the Rosaians back then in their bid for independence during that brutal war back then, making them stalwart allies.

This news had caused huge tremors all over Rosa. From the moment the Ascarts’ convoy entered the city at noon, the streets had been filled with huge crowds. Everyone wanted to see the lord of the neighboring fiefdom who had contributed greatly to the founding of their nation but remained low profile over the years.

Their curiosity wasn’t too surprising since the Ascart House was quite a mysterious entity to them too. It was known as a thousand-year-old noble house filled with outstanding transcendents every generation, but other than that, the Rosaians knew next to nothing about it despite the fact that they were neighbors.

Part of the reason was because the Ascart House had always maintained a low profile. In fact, before Roel began his development plans for their territory, the Ascarts were hardly involved in anything non-military-related.

Knowing how low profi

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