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In the Rosa Conference Hall, the intense fight that was going on between Charlotte Sorofya and Nora Xeclyde finally calmed down a little as both sides took a short break. Due to the acrimony that had built up, the initial plan for both teams to luncheon together was canceled.

However, Charlotte’s luncheon with Nora couldn’t be canceled out of consideration that the latter was a distinguished guest in Rosa.

No matter how unpleasant their courtroom brawl was, there was still a need to observe basic noble etiquette, especially given that Nora was a national guest who had come to offer her blessings. Rosa must now play its part as a proper host.

As a result, Charlotte had no choice but to scrunch up her nose and share apleasantmeal with Nora. Even if her heart wished fervently for the other party to disappear from the face of the world—the same went for Nora too—she still had to maintain a courteous and respectful front.

With hypocritical smiles on their faces, the two of them began digging into their food. The lunch was still relatively peaceful up to this point. Both sides had intentionally restrained themselves to avoid souring the atmosphere, though some snarky remarks couldn’t be avoided.

“Your Highness Nora, what do you think of the accompanying wine?”

“It’s passable, though the sweetness is a little overpowering. The food in Rosa really doesn’t fit my palate, though it’s not all just about the food here.”

“It’s called Pamela wine, a local specialty from the southern area of the Ascart Fiefdom.”


Charlotte explained with a beaming smile on her face, causing Nora to freeze up right away. There was a moment of silence before Nora picked up the wine glass to take another sip.

“On second thought, it’s actually not too bad. While the Ascart Fiefdom neighbors Rosa, it isn’t as extreme in terms of taste. It’s much more pleasing by comparison.”


Faced with the double standards that Nora was openly displaying with her 180° change in attitude, Charlotte was rendered momentarily speechless. She closed her eyes briefly to adjust her state of mind before gesturing to the wine cup and said.

“During our journey back to Rosa, my darling and I stopped by a village and tasted this wine with one another. I realized right away it’s a perfect fit for our Rosaians, sweet like a fated love, and I’d decided to promote this product as a key aspect in our partnership. I’ll be pushing it out using my connections in our upcoming summer catalog.”

“Pardon me, Miss Charlotte, butwhat in the world are you talking about? It disturbs me to see your obsession with delusions.”

Knowing that Charlotte was trying to flaunt her love, Nora burst into laughter.

“Surely you can’t naively believe that something you happened to stumble upon and fancy wouldhaveto be yours? I should politely inform you that the number one business partner of the Ascart House are the Xeclydes, and this fact will never change. To date, we

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