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Keep Alicia forever by my side?

Roel already had an answer to that question in his mind.Yes, I want to, but I can’t voice it aloud.

He was Alicia’s big brother, and it wasn’t right for him to draw boundaries for Alicia to stop her from pursuing her happiness. Instead, he should encourage her to explore more and try out new experiences. The world has many wonders to offer someone as young as his little sister.

However, logic and emotions don’t always go hand-in-hand. As much as Roel wished the best for Alicia, there was a part of him that wanted to keep her by his side too. When Alicia took the initiative to ask him this question, he nearly succumbed to his selfishness and spoke out his true thoughts, especially since the earlier assaults had muddled his brain.

Faced with Alicia’s intent stare, Roel determined that it was due to him getting kidnapped by Charlotte or that Charlotte had said some words that led to her emotions running wild. He could somewhat tell that this was her way of throwing a tantrum, but when he looked into her eyes, he found himself unable to voice out words of refusal to her.

Alicia had a striking beauty that would awe anyone at first sight. Roel thought that he had gotten used to her appearance over the years they had spent together, but when she showed him a completely different side of herself, he found the immunity he had painstakingly built up collapsing in an instant.

“… I do.”

After a long moment of hesitation, Roel still ended up saying the words that he shouldn’t have. Alicia’s body began trembling, and she leaped forward to hug him so tightly that it hurt a little, bringing back some rationality to his head.

“I understand. Lord Brother also wants to stay with me forever,” whispered Alicia into Roel’s ears.

It looked like her emotions were already on the verge of running amok. Roel, who had finally regained some of his sense, quickly pressed down on her shoulders and attempted to pull the derailed topic back on track forcefully.

“W-wait a moment, Alicia! Aren’t we in the middle of treatment? What’s with that method you used earlier on?”

“What else do you expect, Lord Brother? Are you intending to make me bleed, or do you wish to see my cry?”

“N-no, that’s not what I mean…”

The embarrassed Roel was struggling to find a mild way to explain why mouth-to-mouth transference was inappropriate, and Alicia made use of this opening to force her point through.

“Mister Andrew has already said that we have to carefully control the quantity, or there’s the risk of overconsumption of life force. If we wish to do it by tears, I would have to cry several times in order to produce the required amount. As for blood, it contains far too much life force, such that it’ll be hard to control the quantity. If so, doesn’t that leave saliva as the optimal medium for the transference of life force here?”

Roel took some time to contemplate Alicia’s argument with his heated mind, an

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