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Charlotte Sorofya had never felt as stressed as she did at this very moment.

“Based on the rules of the ‘Rosa Merchant Confederacy’s Engagement Act’, there would indeed be no problems with the engagement contract between Miss Charlotte Sorofya and Mister Roel Ascart. However, according to Additional Clause 43a of ‘Saint Mesit Theocracy’s Engagement Act’, there is a maximum effective duration of 150 years to any engagement signed by the Theocracy’s nobles, and the engagement has to be fulfilled within three generations.”

Supreme Judge Karsted calmly dropped this bombshell in the meeting room, and its effects were immediately apparent. All of the lawyers on Rosa’s side gasped in astonishment, realizing that they had just made a fatal error. The auburn beauty sitting behind them also recoiled a little, unable to believe what she had just heard.

Charlotte and Roel’s engagement contract was barely a hundred years old, which meant that there was still some time before the clock would run out. However, the crux wasn’t here but the condition stating that the engagement had to be fulfilled within three generations.

Roel’s grandfather, Blanc Ascart, was only in his twenties when he aided Rosa in the nation founding, but the patriarch of the Sorofyas, Tindi Sorofya, was already in his sixties. While transcendents in this world were considered to be in their prime even in their sixties, it should be obvious to anyone that the two of them weren’t from the same generation.

When the engagement contract was signed, Tindi’s daughter was already in her forties and married, so it was clear that he wasn’t planning to marry her but his granddaughter. Unfortunately, Blanc was already married by then, so the engagement contract ended up being passed down further.

So, here came the problem.

Roel Ascart, as Blanc’s grandson, was within three generations, so the engagement contract still applied to him. Charlotte Sorofya, however, was Tindi’s great-granddaughter, making her the fourth generation.

In other words, the contract was voided in Charlotte’s generation.

When the investigation squad pulled this fact out, all of the lawyers on Rosa’s side froze up. No matter how glib of a tongue they had, there was no way they could argue over something as definite as this.


The loud sound of a table being slammed came from Charlotte’s side.

“You must be joking with me!”

In a state of rage, she actually smashed the wooden table into pieces. She rose to her feet and glared at the golden-haired girl seated on the opposite end of the room.

On the other hand, Nora was much more relaxed. She unhurriedly picked up her teacup and took a sip before finally responding to Charlotte’s outburst.

“Is there anything wrong, Miss Charlotte?”

“Of course! Did you think that I wouldn’t read the Theocracy’s laws beforehand? There’s no such additional clause in the engagement act!”

“Are you resorting to denying reality now? Have

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