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The Rosa Conference Hall only had a hundred years of history to it, but the several million gold coins invested in it ensured that it was one of the most magnificent buildings in Rosa, if not the world. It enjoyed great international fame for two reasons.

One, it was so big that it even had its own horse racecourse.

Two, the venue had a transparent ceiling that allowed for stargazing.

The Sorofyas had an innate talent for divination, and studying constellations was one of the means to foretell the future. Due to such a connection, stargazing was considered to be a graceful activity in Rosa. Over the years, it had taken on a more romantic connotation, where the act of inviting another person of the opposite gender to stargaze was considered an expression of romantic interest.

To some extent, that was also Charlotte’s intention when she invited Roel to stargaze.

Unfortunately, tonight, Roel ended up not accompanying her to stargaze, but instead, he was sitting all alone on the balcony of the Hundred Birds Gallery, facing the buffeting of the night breeze.

Gazing out at that tall and majestic building at the center of the city, as well as the merrymaking noises coming from the streets, Roel sighed softly before taking a sip from the Pamela wine placed on the small table next to his chair.

Mm, sweet.

Roel’s emotions calmed down a little under the soothing taste of the alcohol.

Needless to say, he wasn’t alone due to some play by Charlotte at abandoning him. In fact, she had invited him to the banquet too, but after careful consideration, Roel had turned down her offer.

The reason? He just wanted to avoid further escalation of the conflict.

If it was only Alicia who had traveled all the way here to fetch him, Roel, as the proxy fief lord, had nothing much to worry about. He could at least hold his ground. However, the one leading the group this time was his own father, Carter. In that case, his say would be greatly weakened.

In terms of interpersonal relationship, Carter was his father, someone whom he ought to respect. On top of that, he was also the patriarch of the Ascart House, which meant that he had the final say when it came to family-related matters.

In terms of standing, Carter was a conferred marquess, which was way more prominent than Roel’s position as proxy fief lord.

If Roel showed up at the banquet and Carter asked him to head back right away, what could he do? Abandon Charlotte and leave right away? Or disobey his father and insist on remaining here?

Clearly, neither option was acceptable. Since there was no optimal solution out of this, he decided to just camp it out for the time being. Admittedly, his act of escapism was shameful, but it was indeed effective.

While Roel was praying fervently for world peace, he couldn’t have imagined that storm clouds had begun gathering above the two girls in the banquet hall, bringing about a heavy pressure that heralded tempestuous

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