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When Nora saw Alicia sitting on Roel’s lap, just a step away from sealing the deal, she felt something snap in her head, releasing a monster sealed in the depths of her mind.

While I was busy dealing with Charlotte, you dared to scheme behind my back to cuckold me?

“Alicia, how dare you!”

Anger had already gotten the better of her rationality, such that her first reaction was to attack. Even while she was speaking, her light wings glowed with incredible radiance before morphing into ten chains that darted toward Alicia like arrows.

Charlotte also made her move too. A crisp shattering sound echoed by Roel’s side. The bottle that had been constantly by his side over the last few days had broken, releasing her strongest combat weapon—the Golden Soul.

The Golden Soul glowed brilliantly in resonation to its owner’s mana, swiftly expanding in the air. It wrapped itself around Roel in the shape of a sphere to isolate him away from Alicia. Meanwhile, its owner lightly touched her ring.

“Jewel Trigger!”

With a furious murmur, an extravagant magic tool materialized in Charlotte’s hand. The anger burning in her heart was no lesser than Nora. If Nora was infuriated at being backstabbed by her ‘ally’, the reason behind Charlotte’s anger would be due to the location of the deed.

This was the Hundred Birds Gallery, her home. No woman could possibly tolerate being cuckolded in her own home, especially not someone of Charlotte’s standing!


The trigger was pulled. A jewel was crushed into bits, conjuring a cold spell within Alicia’s body. It swiftly diffused via her blood, leaving her feeling as if she had been plunged into ice. At the same time, the golden chains Nora had summoned were already on the verge of reaching her.

Under Nora and Charlotte’s simultaneous assault, Alicia was placed in a very dangerous position. However, what was worthy of note was that even though the two girls were infuriated, they didn’t completely lose their rationality. They knew that they couldn’t really hurt Alicia—at least not in front of Roel, that was—so they opted to control-type spells instead.

After the chains were shot, Nora didn’t follow up with any other spells. Charlotte also put down the Jewel Trigger too. Their reaction stemmed from the confidence in their spells. They were certain that their coordinated offense would be able to take down Alicia without any trouble.

For one, Alicia was just an adopted daughter of the Ascart House and didn’t inherit the Ascart Bloodline, so others didn’t bear much expectation of her. This was further reinforced by her lacking reputation. Putting aside the Saint Mesit Theocracy, there was hardly anyone who knew how strong she was in the Ascart Fiefdom.

While Nora did feel threatened by her growing strength, she had never seen the latter in action before, so she didn’t have a clear idea of how powerful she was. As for Charlotte, she didn’t even think that Alicia could threaten her

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