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In Hundred Birds Gallery, a black-haired boy stood at the center of a crimson skeleton manifested out of mana as he gazed quietly at the three girls who had gone all out against one another. Under his steely gaze, Alicia, Nora, and Charlotte glanced at one another, but not one of them made a sound.

It was all-out war just a moment ago, but a queer silence in the next.

Roel looked at the three girls grasping onto their weapons and couldn’t help but heave a deep sigh in his heart.

To be honest, he still hadn’t made full sense of the situation yet. From his perspective, just a moment after Alicia whispered into his ears, the door was suddenly sent blasting off. Then, the bottle of Golden Soul beside him shattered and wrapped around him, leaving him with only his mana to perceive the happenings in his surroundings.

While he wasn’t able to see or hear anything from inside the barrier of Golden Soul, his ability to perceive through mana was still fairly decent, though the trio outside caused such a huge ruckus that it made it much easier for him to do so.

Whether it be Nora and Charlotte’s initial outburst or their final showdown after negotiations broke down, Roel could sense them as clearly as if he was sitting upon a mountain of fireworks. Everything was rattling in his perception, leaving him dumbfounded.

They are fighting one another?

When that thought surfaced in Roel’s mind, his instinctive reaction was disbelief.

How could that be possible? I mean, look at who they are!

Nora, princess of the Theocracy and future successor of the Genesis Goddess Church.

Charlotte, the first miss of Rosa and heiress of the Sorofya House.

Alicia, the young miss of the Ascart House.

They were among the highest ranking young nobles on the Sia Continent, all of them role models for others. They ought to be graceful and magnanimous. Even in a state of rage, they would never vent their emotions violently but deal with it in a more mature manner. It was unthinkable to think that they would come to blows with one another just like that.

So, Roel shook his head, thinking that he had made a mistake somewhere. He thought that the Golden Soul might have simply amplified the pulsations of mana, distorting his perception. However, when the ground really rattled beneath his feet, he immediately jerked in horror.

He might have mistaken the mana pulsations, but surely he couldn’t possibly mistake the trembling ground beneath him?

What in the world could the three of them be doing to shake even the ground?

Roel didn’t have an answer to that question, but he knew for sure that this commotion definitely couldn’t be caused by a peaceful conversation between the three of them.

Out of anxiety, he decisively chose to make his move. It was while he was channeling his mana that he realized that his affliction had been completely cured, and his connection with Grandar had been re-established. While feeling amazed by Alic

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