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For the longest time, whenever Roel raised the topic of the ‘subordinates’ of the Strength Origin Attribute with Grandar, the latter never seemed to be too enthusiastic about it.

In the eyes of the towering giant who used to rule in the ancient era, any transcendents who hadn’t reached Origin Level 3 were no different from scrubs. They were all categorized into the same basket labeled ‘insignificant. Of course, Roel was the exception.

The Crown Origin Attribute was a special Origin Attribute. On top of its normal functions as an Origin Attribute, it was capable of displaying tremendous prowess when used in unison with its unique complementary bloodline. In extreme situations, through the power of the contractees, it was possible to challenge and defeat enemies that were far stronger than oneself.

The act of borrowing power wasn’t without downsides though. It could lead to the power of the contractees pervading the individual, resulting in a series of troublesome side effects.

That being said, there was little question that a transcendent possessing this bloodline and Origin Attribute was a huge, unpredictable variable. If he set his mind to it, even an emperor could possibly be dragged down from his throne.

“You weren’t that deep in trouble previously, and I have been able to deal with those rats hiding in the shadows thus far. However, the situation might change in the future. Having numbers could be an advantage at times too.”

Roel was rather surprised to hear those words coming from Grandar. Giants were renowned for their overwhelming individual prowess, such that the concept of ‘teaming up’ wasn’t common to them. Yet, Grandar was actually asking him to bulk up his forces at this very moment!

“There’s a limit to a person’s energy, no matter how powerful he may be. I do understand this concept, but when it comes to manpower, the Ascart Fiefdom should have plenty of people, no?”

The Ascart House might be terrible in other aspects, but its military prowess was one thing it could definitely be proud of. If Roel were to quantify it, it was probably at least two times stronger than the other ducal or marquess houses.

However, Grandar shook his head in response to Roel’s question.

“I don’t mean ‘numbers’ in that sense. I’m saying that you should keep some people who can fight by your side.”


It was like Grandar to use terms like ‘can fight’, but his concept of that phrase was definitely not the same as how most people would define it.

“… Origin Level 3?”

“It would be best if it’s higher than that.”

“Ah, this…”

Roel’s expression became a little strained upon hearing those words. The Ascart House did have Origin Level 3 transcendents on its side, but those who had reached such a level were all close aides of Carter, each tasked with important responsibilities. Even though Roel was the sole son of the Ascart House, it was a huge waste of resources to have those people remain by his sid

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