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What did a staff that was originally worth an eye popping million gold coins look like?

Most people probably wouldn’t have an answer to this question, but today, Roel was fortunate enough to be granted the credentials to express his opinion on this matter.

Sitting on a comfortable chair on the balcony, he examined the blackwood staff in his hands carefully. The small mountain of gold coins that had been sitting grandly before him a moment ago had already vanished without a trace.

Make no mistake, 300,000 gold coins was definitely a humongous sum even for the prosperous Rosa. Yet, all of this money had been put into purchasing a meter long staff. To be honest, despite being the one who had made the decision, Roel still felt like it was a little unreal.

It’s ugly.

This was Roel’s first impression of the Nine-headed Serpent Staff. Despite its terrifying reputation, according to the advertising, it didn’t look as splendous as he imagined it would. It looked pretty plain; it was just a glistening black stick, looking no different from those fire pokers villagers used.

There was a saying in his previous life that divine objects tended to look ordinary. Sentient artifacts would usually conceal their true form and abilities, so it was to be expected that they look normal. However, this logic didn’t hold for Sia. Most high-level items on Sia, especially man made ones, tended to look grand and fanciful, desperate to flaunt their splendor.

In the current era, staves were viewed as decorative objects, placed in the same category as earrings and necklaces. However, if one were to trace further back, it was actually a symbol of power, authority, and glory. Sometimes, it was even used to signify royal authority, and naturally, it was not an object that just anyone could use.

Considering that the Nine-headed Serpent Staff was an ancient weapon, it was likely to be of noble lineage. If he were to consider its powers too, it was not impossible for it to be a national weapon of some ancient kingdom even. It didn’t make sense for it to be designed like a shiny fire poker.

“It really looks quite ugly. Seriously, why would someone make a weapon… Huh? Wait a moment!”

Roel was in the midst of grumbling when he noticed something weird about the staff… there was no mana pulsation coming from it at all!

Most transcendent equipment, even in its inactive state, would emanate bits of mana, but this trait was completely absent in the Nine-headed Serpent Staff. In other words, its true nature was well-concealed, which meant that it could be passed off as an ordinary object and brought into all sorts of places.

On the Sia Continent, most magicians weren’t allowed to bring their staff into banquets and formal settings, similar to how knights were forbidden to bring their swords into formal events. However, the fact that the Nine-headed Serpent Staff looked no different from a harmless decoration meant that it could easily bypass a

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