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Bishop Philip was an honest man through and through. This was a commonly known fact agreed upon within the church.

Despite his high standing, he was humble, polite, and diligent. He often spent days on end outside punishing evil cultists, making him the role model of all inquisitors. The list of merits he had in the church ran on and on.

During the assassination attempt several years back, Bishop Philip successfully found and protected the missing Her Highness Nora and the Ascarts’ successor, Roel. For this key reason, Nora favored him greatly.

Unbeknownst to Philip himself, he had raked up another larger merit than that, and that was to transmit the image of her and Roel kissing in their unconscious state over to the other two family members of the Ascart House. That incident had given Nora great leverage over Alicia, but of course, the honest Philip was oblivious to it all.

You don’t know how anxious Miss Alicia was when she heard of the matter! She might be an adopted daughter of the Ascart House, but that doesn’t lessen her bond with her older brother. It’s only right for me to alleviate her worries!

As an old bachelor who craved for a warm family, Philip was able to empathize with Alicia’s feelings and moved swiftly back then to reassure her. It made him feel warm and fuzzy inside to see just how bonded the Ascart House was.

And today, he was experiencing a similar warm and fuzzy feeling once more.

Watching as Her Highness Nora spread her wings wide and descended toward the grand city not too far away, Bishop Philip found himself quietening down.

The other guards were unaware of the true reason why Her Highness Nora would suddenly pay a visit to Rosa City despite her busy schedule. Even Philip himself thought that she was going to sign some sort of secret agreement with Rosa till he saw her staring deeply at the massive city on the horizon, murmuring Charlotte’s name.

I see… Indeed, outstanding individuals tend to be drawn to one another. There are few peers of Her Highness Nora who are able to truly connect with her, and even fewer are of the same standing as her.

It’s no wonder why she was so inconspicuous for this visit. It turns out that… she’s here to visit her friend! Ahhh, to go out of her way to pay Miss Charlotte a visit despite the inconvenience, it looks like they must be on really good terms with one another!

Regardless of era, it’s never easy to sustain friendships across borders. This is especially so if one is of notable standing, as it results in the politicization of one’s private relationships. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable that every interaction by a prominent figure will be deeply scrutinized, and in my reckoning, it’s the same for Her Highness Nora and Miss Charlotte too.

Yet, despite the massive boulders that stand in their way, Her Highness Nora still chose her friend over all else. If I remember correctly, it should be Rosa’s Liberation Day today. Perhaps, Her Highnes

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