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In a forest, a boy holding onto a smooth black staff with golden inlay on it stood atop a field of grass, surrounded by the watching eyes and darting flights of nearby birds. The sun’s rays pierced through the cracks in the canopy above to shine on his body, making his gentle appearance even warmer.

The serene atmosphere and the handsome boy made for quite a picturesque scene, but unlike his calm expression, Roel was actually in a state of shock.

“Peytra? Is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me. It has been a while. Are you still faring well?”

“Well… I don’t think you can exactly say that I’m faring well.”

Listening to Peytra’s cheery question, Roel looked at his own body with a helpless expression. It had already been a week since he had left the Witness State, but his condition had barely improved at all. While he hadn’t said much about it, the truth was that he was extremely concerned.

That being said, that was not what he was most concerned about at the moment.

“Peytra, it’s rare to see you coming out. Did something happen?”

“Mm. I sensed a familiar aura in the vicinity, so I came out to take a look. I didn’t expect to see something like that.”

Peytra’s voice carried a hint of reminiscence and nostalgia. Roel could sense that her gaze was directed toward the staff in his grip. Intuiting that there might be some sort of relation between the Nine-headed Serpent and the World Serpent, he quickly inquired about the matter.

“Strictly speaking, the Nine-headed Serpent can be considered as my progeny. All snakes in this world are my descendants. However, unlike us, saint beasts, they are demonic beasts devoid of Origin Attributes. The Nine-headed Serpent is powerful, but it carries no spirit or sentience. It can only obey its primal instincts… I was the one who killed it.”


Peytra’s last few words caught Roel off guard. She went on to relate a tale dating back to the ancient era.

It was a story about a war between two factions amongst the saint beasts, a conflict over Origin Attributes between the first indigenous population of the world Sia had created. Even a being as ancient and esteemed as Peytra was embroiled in the conflict and became the representative of the Origin Attribute Faction.

The opposing Primal Faction wanted to stay true to their primal instincts, pursuing greater strength and ferality. The representative of the snakes in that faction was the Nine-headed Serpent.

It was a major and tense conflict that could be described with the word ‘irreconcilable’, for, to some extent, it concerned their loyalty toward Sia.

Similar to how higher level transcendents could exert influence over lower level transcendents of the same Origin Attribute, the same rules applied in the ancient era too. There was only one difference here—all Origin Attributes could be traced back to Sia. In other words, as long as one decided to adopt an Origin Attribute in the Ancient Era, there was no way to circ

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