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Whether Roel was injured or not was an extremely important issue for all three of them. The answer to that could easily affect the current situation, and it was also Charlotte’s greatest weakness.

Roel’s current condition couldn’t just be described as ‘injured’ anymore. A far more fitting term would be ‘crippled’, and this worked to her disadvantage.

Her initial plan was to get Roel treated in Rosa, and when the Ascarts and the Xeclydes finally caught up with them, she would be able to face them with a healthy Roel by her side. Bruce would then try his best to mediate the standoff by highlighting the friendly ties between the two countries and minimize the consequences.

However, she didn’t expect Roel’s condition to be more troublesome than she initially envisioned. Even someone of Andrew’s experience and insight was utterly helpless before it.

One thing of note though was that ever since Andrew shared his analysis with the two of them, Roel, despite being the patient, suddenly didn’t seem as anxious anymore. He had been having leisurely afternoon teas and walks over the last few days, and there were even several occasions where he reassured her, saying that he had already found a way to resolve his condition.

Charlotte was moved by how Roel was concerned about her feelings despite being in a disastrous state himself, but she knew that it was impossible for what he had said to be true.

As Andrew had said, the Lifetree had already disappeared from the world since the Second Epoch. As for finding a bloodline possessor with unlimited life force, that was an even more unlikely possibility. Roel had been with Charlotte everyday, and he had never taken the initiative to contact anyone. Unless he was anticipating for this incredibly rare bloodline possessor to coincidentally knock on their door, it was hard to imagine he had any plans regarding that.

Darling must be worried about me, that’s why he said those words.

Touched by Roel’s concern, Charlotte treated him much better over the last few days. At the same time, she placed a priority request on the procurement of items related to the Lifetree on the Sorofyas’ request list, but unfortunately, there hadn’t been any progress on that thus far.

“Roel has already recovered from his injuries, but the side effects of his spells still continue to plague him.”

Back at the banquet hall, Charlotte pondered for a long while before finally answering with a misleading remark. Nora frowned upon hearing those words. Instinctively, she attributed the matter to Grandar.

If it’s Grandar’s undead reanimation, it shouldn’t be a huge matter.

Alicia was also in the midst of walking over when she heard that remark. She, too, came to the same conclusion as Nora and exhaled deeply in relief.

With the confirmation of the safety of their target, the three ladies commenced war once more.

“Miss Charlotte, I was quite intrigued by the earlier discussion the two of you

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