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Roel Ascart had a nightmare.

The world he saw in his dream was pitch-black, a boundless ocean where the sun never rose. He walked on this boundless ocean with feelings of helplessness and confusion looming in his heart.

Unlike the first time he met Grandar and Peytra, where he was guided to his destination in a dazed state, he was much more self-aware in this dream. There was no feeling of numbness at all. However, that didn’t make this dream any more pleasant; on the contrary, it felt much worse.

The ancient gods’ guidance blurring his consciousness were, in a sense, their way of protecting him. The long journey he had to take in order to pay his respects to them would have heaped substantial mental fatigue on him otherwise, making him utterly exhausted by the time he was standing before them.

Standing amidst the darkness, he slowly began to perceive his surroundings. He wasn’t too sure what was going on right now, but he sensed a familiar aura lingering in the area. It was coming from beneath his feet, within the ocean depths; it was the bone-chilling aura of a glacier.

As if it had a life of its own, Roel had a feeling that the aura was waving its hand at him, beckoning him over. He hesitantly scanned his surroundings once more, and after affirming that there was truly nothing else around did he finally dive into the ocean.

Oddly enough, he didn’t feel suffocated in the murky waters.

He spotted a tinge of light far off below, a small hint of blue amidst this monotonous black world, located at the bottom of the ocean. It was coming from a glacier. Along with his approach, the glacier seemed to come to life. It floated upward and into his embrace, attracted to his presence.

It was the feeling of a hatchling returning to its nest, delighted and relieved. Despite the lack of communication, Roel could still vividly feel its emotions. The glacier seeped into his body, and the water around him gradually began to light up in blue. Intuitively, he knew that it was time for him to depart.

But amidst this harmonious atmosphere, an unimaginable pressure suddenly crushed down on Roel, leaving him feeling as if his body was being pierced by something. He felt goosebumps rising all over his body as warning bells blared in his mind. He looked into the distance, only to recoil in horror right after.

A pair of eyes was staring at him, only to vanish in the next instant.



In a bedroom of the Hundred Birds Gallery, the sleeping Roel suddenly lurched upright with a yelp, gasping desperately for air. Unknowingly, his back was already completely drenched. His current state shocked Charlotte, who was dressed in her sleepwear beside him.

Charlotte quickly rose up from the bed to examine the black-haired boy, who was still staring blankly ahead of him with eyes widened in shock. After confirming that his physical condition was normal, she heaved a soft sigh of relief. She leaned forward a l

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