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There was a commotion at the entrance of Rosa City the following morning.

At the break of dawn, an investigation squad dispatched by the Saint Mesit Theocracy had arrived at Rosa City. They brought the Sorofyas’ servants, who had previously been working for the Diamond Rivière, together with them.

Grace and the others had been taken into custody by Nora’s knights for a week now. They were still allowed to do whatever they wanted to, just that they were restricted from straying too far away from the group. The plan was to send them back to Rosa, but they didn’t tag along with the first convoy from the Ascart House as there were too many of them. Instead, they followed Nora’s convoy, which departed slightly afterward, resulting in them missing the Liberation Day celebrations.

It wasn’t really a huge deal missing the holiday, since it was an annual celebration for Rosaians anyway. Nevertheless, their late arrival in Rosa still left Grace incredibly panicked.

During her time in the Ascart Fiefdom, she had managed to gather quite a bit of intelligence, and she discovered something that, if true, could put her young miss at an extremely great disadvantage.

“When are you going to release me? We’ve already entered Rosa City, haven’t we?”

Locked within the bounds of the Diamond Rivière, the infuriated maid bellowed angrily at the knights of the Theocracy. However, the knights were strictly instructed to not allow any of the Sorofyas’ servants to leave the confines of the carriages using the pretext of having to hold a formal handover.

Grace looked at Bishop Philip, who was chatting leisurely with someone else about the unique sights in Rosa City, and she had no choice but to drop the idea of breaking out forcefully.

“Young miss…” murmured Grace worriedly.

Meanwhile, in the Rosa Conference Hall, an elegantly dressed Charlotte stepped forward to greet Nora and the church’s legal task force standing behind her.

Earlier today, after entering the city, the investigation squad, tasked with the important responsibility of looking into the kidnapping case of the proxy fief lord of the Ascart Fiefdom, marched into the Rosa Conference Hall under Nora’s lead and summoned the prime suspect, Charlotte Sorofya.

Roel should have been here too, but he was excused in view of his ailing health. The church would instead dispatch personnel to Hundred Birds Gallery in order to obtain his testimony.

Charlotte had anticipated such a move from Nora, and she had prepared herself for it. This was evidenced by the imposing squad of Rosaian lawyers standing at attention behind her.

The situation was tense right from the get-go.

“Based on Clause 4 of the ‘Saint Mesit Theocracy’s National Security Act’, whenever a fief lord has his freedom restricted as a result of unlawful kidnapping, abduction, or actions of similar nature, the Theocracy’s government and the Xeclyde Royal Family are permitted to intervene and use all po

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