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Three days later, in the lounge of Hundred Birds Gallery, Roel was currently having afternoon tea with Charlotte. The rich fragrance rising from the teacups was relaxing, but the faces above the steam dissipating from the cups didn’t look too good.

Roel took a small sip of tea as he recalled the events that had transpired over the past three days.

On the day that he bought the Nine-headed Serpent Staff, Roel chatted for quite a while with Peytra. The latter asked Roel about his progress with Charlotte while kindly offering one of her blessings.

While the Earth Goddess was most renowned in her role as the harvest goddess in the ancient era, but other than that, she also served as a symbol of fertility and reproduction. In her view, procreation was of great importance and ought to be promoted. This was especially relevant for Roel’s situation.

What? You’re the only offspring in the current generation in the Ascart House? That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard!

This won’t do. Procreate! You must procreate! Not only must you procreate, but you must seriously procreate!

Peytra proceeded to explain how her blessing worked, and what Roel understood out of it, with his scientific mind, was that it enhanced the rate of ovulation and strengthened the sperm. With one ready to accept and the other at full aggression, it wouldn’t take long for a couple’s love to crystallize in a more tangible form… or forms, to be more exact.

Yes, those blessed by Peytra were almost guaranteed to bear more than one child.

“The effects of my blessing differ based on the race, bloodline, talent, and strength of the blessed.”

If Peytra’s blessing was granted on a sow, the sow could easily bear ten piglets in a single gestation cycle, allowing her to rear an army of offspring. But of course, that was clearly impossible for a human. The fundamental physical limits of humans made it impossible for them to bear that many children at once. Furthermore, the stronger a person’s bloodline and talent was, the blessing would be more concentrated.

“Given yours and that young lady’s bloodlines, having twins should be the limit.”

Fully immersed into her role as symbol of fertility, Peytra analyzed the matter with a serious expression, and she even began making postnatal plans for them too. Her words left Roel’s eyebrows twitching uncontrollably.

Please, someone stop her!

“Charlotte is still too young right now. How could she possibly bear my children?” retorted Roel with a reddened face.

His remark left Peytra, who was just about to work her magic after her long rest, a little perplexed.

Hm? Am I mistaken here? I could always smell a strong mating scent whenever the two of them were together. Isn’t it perfectly normal for them to copulate?

Peytra coiled on the ground, confused by the illogical situation presented before her. However, she soon came to a realization, and she directed tender eyes toward Roel.

“Child, you don’

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