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On the southern side of Rosa City lay the vast Sorofyas’ manor. Charlotte Sorofya stood beside a window, listening to the light chirpings of a morning bird beyond the windowpane. The sun’s rays gently shone in on her, making her auburn hair look like flickering flames.

It had been two hours since her presentation in the meeting room. With her mind preoccupied with Roel, there was no way Charlotte would loiter around the meeting room afterward. In fact, she rushed all the way back to her residence as soon as she could. She knew that Roel should be waking up any time now based on the effects of the spell,

Three days ago, ever since she cast a spell to knock out Roel on the mountain peak, she had been feeling very uneasy inside.

She knew that her actions didn’t just bring aboutexternalproblems; Roel’s own reaction could pose a problem too. There wasn’t much gender discrimination in this world as the presence of mana and transcendents meant that women were no weaker than men, and this was reflected in their standing too. However, the pride of a ruler was still extremely important, and there was no doubt that Roel carried himself in the manner of a ruler.

The Ascart Fiefdom spanned huge swathes of land, and its military prowess far surpassed that of a typical small country. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to deem it as an independent little kingdom on its own, and Roel was the proxy fief lord of such a place. It went without saying that he was bound to be somewhat prideful.

Charlotte’s forceful method of kidnapping Roel, if taken badly by him, could destroy the feelings they had built up thus far. While she did have a good grasp of his personality after all they had been through, this move was still very risky. She dared not take any chances, so she was determined to try to make it up to him in any way possible, just as she had promised him under the starry sky that night.

Hundred Birds Gallery was a huge garden situated in the southwest region of Rosa City. At one point the location was used as a military command center, after the city defenses had been breached by the Austine invaders, and the area was kept under tight security. However, as peace settled in, the military defense ramped down, gradually relaxing. Now, the former base had become the private property of the Sorofya House.

To be more specific, it had become the private residence of Bruce and Charlotte. As Bruce was constantly busy with work, it had pretty much become Charlotte’s personal property.

Hundred Birds Gallery was named after the hundred species of birds that lived in its gardens. These birds used to be trained to relay critical military intelligence to the various sentry posts located throughout the city, which was why it was used as a military command center. One must know that the archers in this world had their arrows augmented with magic, which significantly boosted the accuracy of their shots. Ordinary birds would be easily shot down by a decent

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