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I’ve finally arrived.

A majestic carriage pulled by a Frostwing Horse was swiftly approaching the Ascarts’ manor. Seeing that her destination was finally in sight, Nora Xeclyde heaved a sigh of relief.

It had been more than a week since she received Alicia’s message at the eastern border, and ever since then, she spent almost all her time traveling on this carriage, hardly taking any breaks at all. Her efforts had paid off, and she managed to reach the Ascarts’ manor in the shortest time possible.

Looking at the familiar gateway, she couldn’t help but recall the first time she entered the manor a few years ago. Who could have imagined that she would meet a strange boy here who fully understood and accepted her eccentricities? Ever since then, they had spent much time together, braving numerous dangers and trials under each other’s support. At this point, it could be said that they were necessary to each other’s life.

Alright, fine. I admit that Roel is still having trouble coming to grips with my interests. But, as long as I continue enticing him, it’s only a matter of time before he willingly goes along with me.

Nora was confident because she had gone through experiences with Roel that no one else had. They had overcome crises that put their characters to the test, building up a deep level of trust that would have been impossible otherwise.

They were independent individuals who weren’t reliant on each other, but if either one were to meet with trouble, they could be assured that the other would rush over to their aid right away. This was what it meant to have two hearts linked together.

Thus, Nora was confident that Charlotte, someone who had nothing more than a mere title linking her to Roel, wouldn’t be able to do much even if she had overstayed her welcome at the Ascarts’ manor by half a month.

Had she and Roel fought together in the face of despair before? Did they have a bond of trust that transcended life and death? Did they have a pure love that was devoid of any implications from their standing and reputation?

Nora flung her hair aside as a haughty smile emerged on her lips. The answer was clear to her.

The experience she shared with Roel was unique. How could Charlotte possibly match up to what they had?

She’s just a pitiful girl who’s clutching onto her engagement contract desperately as her final wall of defense. Once the engagement contract is gone, she won’t be a threat at all.

With everything under control, Nora smiled confidently as she watched as her carriage approached the entrance of the Ascarts’ manor.

It was a familiar building in familiar surroundings. The Ascarts’ servants were extremely diligent in their duties; even when there was still a hundred meters left before the arrival of Nora’s carriage, they had already opened the doors wide to welcome her.

Nora already had a plan in mind—she was going to do an inappropriately intimate gesture as soon as she got off the c

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