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Just a few more days, and I’ll be able to reach there.

A magnificent carriage pulled by a beautiful white horse was rushing swiftly to Ascart City. Inside sat a girl with hair the color of gold, who gazed at the winter scenery passing her by as her mind drifted back to 10 days ago…

It was the New Year of the Third Epoch Year 1007. There was a significant difference between this year’s celebrations and those over the past decade.

Usually, Nora, as the successor of the royal family, would spend New Year’s Day in Holy Capital Loren to lead the prayers for the masses. In some years, she would join the chorale competition too to hype up the atmosphere.

But this year, she was nowhere to be seen in the capital at all, be it for the royal palace’s banquet or the church’s prayer. Her absence was a huge blow to all of Nora’s fans in the Holy Capital, causing the sales of this year’s church recording to decline steeply.

So, here was the question:If Nora didn’t spend her New Year in the capital, where could she possibly be?

The answer was the eastern borders.

As the representative of the royal family, as well as the future successor, Nora’s very presence at the frontlines was a huge boost to the soldiers’ morale. It represented how highly the Xeclydes thought of the war against the deviants.

It was no exaggeration to say that Nora was the most popular idol in the whole Saint Mesit Theocracy, so her presence was highly welcomed by the soldiers. The feelings the soldiers bore toward her wasn’t just adoration but admiration.

They welcomed Nora not because of her beauty but her strength.

There was no denying that her outer appearance did affect how others viewed her, but ultimately, her strength was still the key factor reinforcing her people’s loyalty toward her. It was her combination of great strength and tremendous potential that won her support from the military.

She had a noble birth, amazing looks, incredible talents, widespread support from the people, and acceptance by the officials. It was truly the full package—anyone who sought to usurp her position would really be utterly defeated.

During the New Year, Nora devoted a Soulcalming Hymn for the soldiers who had sacrificed themselves for war, and it further consolidated her base of support in the military.

The world had no lack of strong and charismatic commanders. In the first place, most commanders were powerful transcendents, and their role often involved ripping an opening in the enemy’s formations for their men to exploit. When it came to charisma, those in a position of power had a huge advantage. Often, all it took was just expressing a bit of care and concern.

However, there were very few commanders who continued caring for their soldiers even after death. In the whole Theocracy, the only ones who had implemented official death gratuity systems were the Xeclydes and the Ascarts.

It was not without reason that the Ascarts’ milita

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