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Roel had recently affirmed once more that he was indeed a forgiving person.

The Sia Continent was a mysterious place filled with transcendental powers and phantasmal creatures. It was very different from the modern world in his previous life, where money made the world go round. Here the influence of money was greatly reduced.

That being said, money was still money. It might not bring happiness, but the lack of it was almost certain to bring misery. He could say this for certain because of his experiences in his previous life.

So, when Roel saw the beautiful golden mountains glimmering enticingly under the gentle rays of the morning sun, he suddenly felt like swooning. It was as if his unfulfilled first love had suddenly knocked on his door. Indescribable joy welled up in his heart, and it was swiftly accompanied by relief from the knowledge that he was finally able to repay his debt fully.

Debt was a terrifying thing. It was constantly weighing down on you, encroaching on your finances with every tick of the second hand. You could turn your eyes away from it, but your mind would constantly remind you of its existence, or sometimes,growing existenceeven.

The fear of having to pay 30,000 gold coins just to offset the interest on the System’s loan every month was definitely a huge terror. If he failed to repay it, it could potentially lead to the shutdown of the System. It felt like a silent hand had already wrapped itself around his neck, slowly suffocating him.

As long as he could be rid of this trouble, he didn’t think that forgiving Charlotte was a big deal at all. In the first place, he wasn’t particularly enraged by her actions. It was just that the sheer ridiculousness of the situation and the humiliating notion of being kidnapped by his own fiancée had overwhelmed his sensibility.

Humans had the interesting ability to reshape their memories in a way that was convenient to them, and the golden mounds before him looked convenient enough for him to do so.

What? I’ve been kidnapped to Rosa?


Currently, the proxy fief lord of the Ascart Fiefdom was considering if he should reshape this matter as an emergency situation where Rosa paid him a substantial sum of money to engage his help to resolve some of their problems… In any case, the important thing was that Roel had decided to yield to his kidnapper.

I mean, I wanted to fight back too, but what else can I do when someone slaps a million gold coins down in front of me like that?! Reject it? Do I look like an idiot?!

Charlotte’s compensation was more than satisfactory to Roel. Accepting the bribe, he felt obliged to drop his stiffened expression. Or to be more exact, he couldn’t even maintain a straight face anymore with his overflowing happiness tingling his facial muscles.

“Is it really fine for me to take away all of this?”

“There’s no problem at all. Darling, if you really like it, we can just leave them here for the time be

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