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“Search the entire place thoroughly! We have to find the young miss and young master Roel at all costs!”

In the Diamond Rivière, Grace looked at the empty room before her as she relayed her instructions imposingly. The elite guards of the Sorofyas immediately scattered in all directions to carry out her orders.

Thinking about everything that had just happened, she felt goosebumps rising all over her body.

As Charlotte’s personal maid, Grace had always maintained a professional front. She was confident that she could live up to Charlotte’s trust, especially when it came to the latter’s safety. She was incredibly meticulous about every single detail surrounding Charlotte, and she always made sure that everything was within her control.

There were plenty of people targeting the Sorofyas, especially the young and vulnerable Charlotte. If their schemes worked out, they could walk away with more money than they could earn over several lifetimes. Over the years, however, anyone who had tried to approach Charlotte with malicious intentions would ‘disappear mysteriously’.

The power of an Origin Level 3 transcendent was not something to be made light of. As long as Grace was by Charlotte’s side, most assassins wouldn’t even live to see Charlotte.

However, Grace had made a huge mistake today.

The First Miss of the Sorofya House, her beloved master, had actually vanished right under her watch! To make things worse, the young master of the Ascart House had disappeared together with her!

Such a situation could only be described as mind-shattering in Grace’s view.

“No, I mustn’t panic at a situation like this! T-there’s still hope… The doors of the Diamond Rivière haven’t been opened, and there aren’t any pulsations of mana nearby either. They’re definitely still on the carriage!”

Grace massaged her temples with her trembling hands as she tried her best to logically analyze the situation.

It was possible for humans to vanish into thin air in this world—the Blink Bullet of Charlotte’s Jewel Trigger was one good example. However, spatial transference spells were bound to produce inerasable mana pulsations.

In theory, mana pulsations would be released at the same moment a spell took effect. If a transcendent had invoked a spatial transference spell to leave the carriage, there was no way they could erase the mana pulsations left on the carriage in their wake.

If so, there was only one possibility:The duo in the isolation chamber had cast the spell themselves.

Due to Charlotte and Roel using the Twin Stones to attend the Leumann Forest’s Nightglow Butterfly Festival in the Austine Empire, their main bodies had lost consciousness. Naturally, they would require additional protection.

The isolation chamber was created specifically for such an event. It had the ability to unidirectionally isolate mana, making it impossible for outsiders to teleport right into the chamber. However, as it was unidirectional is

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