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When was the last time the System had an event?

Roel had to think way back to a time long ago to find the answer to that question, and why that was the case was a question worth pondering over.

If he had to find a word to describe his System, it would definitely be ‘lazy’.

It took a passive role in his life, only reacting when special incidents occurred. The last time it was triggered was when he returned from the first Witness State with Nora, but from then on, it had gone completely silent. While Roel was holed up in his manor trawling through historical records, it didn’t react even once.

Roel thought that there would be an event waiting for him when he returned from his second Witness State, but unexpectedly, the System didn’t react at all. It was then that he began to suspect if it was due to the loan he had taken.

And today, his suspicions were finally confirmed.


【Repayment of loan completed.】

【’Events’ function reinitializing. 10%, 20%, 30%…】

【Reinitialization complete.】

【New event triggered: Commemoration of Debt Repayment

Courage and wisdom are vital strengths to overcoming challenges, but so is wealth. Having overcome a financial crisis, your future will be blessed.】

“Looks like I’ve underestimated you, huh? You actually have all sorts of countermeasures in place. In other words, the reason why there were so few events thus far is because I owed you money?”

【The System will be forced to shut down if the user is unable to repay the debt. In order to free the user from temptations and encourage the user to repay the debt, the ‘Events’ function would be partially shut down during the loan period. The System seeks the user’s understanding for this.】


Roel fell silent. He had to grudgingly admit that the System was right. Its discounts were usually quite generous, and for someone like him who capitalized on bundle discounts and stockpiled on toilet rolls in his previous life, it was simply impossible to resist it.

If he failed to hold himself back and ended up squandering his money on various items in the System shop, it could cause him to miss the deadline for repaying the debt. In that case, the System would shut down, and by then it would be much too late for regrets.

“Fine! There’s no meaning holding an event earlier on since I didn’t have spare cash on me anyway… However, it’s different now!”

Roel muttered to himself as he placed the teacup in his hands down. He stretched his back lazily as he gazed out of the window.

It had been an hour since Charlotte had offered him a generous compensation earlier in the morning. After making peace with Roel, she immediately began examining his condition. She found that the mana in the little bottle filled with Golden Soul was almost fully expended, which meant that it had at least activated once throughout the night.

Yesterday, Charlotte was busy preparing her materials for the Sorofyas’ executive board meet

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