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Midnight, Roel finally woke up from his dreams.

His mind was still a little groggy when he first regained consciousness. His body felt heavy and cold. The undead reanimation effect had sealed off his senses, so any feelings of pain were nullified. In return, his body felt numb.

Despite his senses being numbed, he could still feelit.

Every time he felt like the biting frost was going to put him into eternal hibernation, he would suddenly feel a tender warmth spreading from his mouth. There was a touch of fragrance, then warm mana would flow through his body, suppressing the unbearable cold.

This had happened at least ten times since he first lost consciousness, and each time, he would drift off to sleep once more immediately after. It didn’t take long for his body to remember this sensation, and instinctively, he began fully cooperating with the suppressive mana whenever the biting frost was about to consume him.

Roel was unaware that he was gradually being imprinted on through such a manner.

As it turned out though, this imprint went both ways. Despite being unconscious, Roel’s ‘active cooperation’ still proved to be an overwhelmingly strong stimulus to Charlotte, having never experienced such sensations before.

After yet another round of gently ambiguous sensations on his lips, Roel’s biting chill finally alleviated enough for him to maintain consciousness. It was the first time he was opening his eyes ever since returning from the Witness State, and he found himself welcomed by a starry sky…

… or to be more exact, an artificial starry sky.

They were all jewels, gleaming in different colors and brilliance. They ranged from white crystals, a popular addition to formal dresses, to amethyst, which was known to be worth even more than gold. Thousands of them were embedded on the ceiling, constructing a galaxy.

Under the gleaming light of this galaxy, Roel felt like his body had been blessed. He figured that this was one of the means of the Sorofyas.

“How beautiful,” muttered Roel in a daze.

Charlotte had been gulping down tea, trying to calm herself after the stimulus of the latest treatment, when she heard Roel’s voice and anxiously turned her head over.

“Roel, you’re finally awake!”

Charlotte immediately rushed over to the bed and grabbed Roel’s hand. Her eyes were glistening with tears of agitation. On the other hand, Roel assessed Charlotte for a moment, and he was relieved to see that she was in good condition.

“Are you alright?” asked Roel.

“I’m perfectly fine. The one who isn’t alright is you,” replied Charlotte.

Her voice was hoarse, as if there was something stuck at the back of her throat. She looked like she was going to cry at any moment. Seeing this, Roel quickly waved his hand and consoled her.

“Don’t worry, it’s not that bad. My condition isn’t as severe as it looks.”

Roel blinked his eyes contemplatively as he thought about the sensation he had experienced

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