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Roel found himself seated at an elegant dining table, a sumptuous breakfast spread out before him. The walls were adorned with masterful artworks, and fine music was playing in the background. The current situation was, honestly, very overwhelming to him.

For many years, he prided himself on being an honest, amiable, and helpful person, but he knew that good people didn’t thrive in the circle of nobility. Nobles were all about shared interests; being too individualistic would only make one an outcast. So, he had no choice but to adapt to the circumstances.

Fortunately, Roel was unexpectedly talented in acting. Be it portraying an envoy of justice or a shady businessman, he was always able to get into the role and capture the tone accurately. He never expected that a day would come where he would meet his match.

Earlier, laying on the princess bed in Charlotte’s bedroom, Roel found himself witnessing the overflowing acting talent that a successor of a massive business conglomerate possessed.

Charlotte didn’t even give Roel a chance to make a comeback at all. Right after attempting to gaslight him about the agreement they made previously, her eyes began to brim with tears.

“Darling, please don’t make such a cruel joke ever again, alright?”

“Ah? W-wait a moment, t-this is…”

“You also know that our engagement was decided by our ancestors a hundred years ago. This is a legacy they have entrusted to us as their successors; it’s sacred and inviolable. How could we possibly make a deal out of something like that?”

Watching as Charlotte uttered those words with tears in her eyes, Roel was stumped.

Is this really the same woman who dumped money on me back at the Ascarts’ manor to annul the engagement? Is it possible that I have been teleported to a parallel world instead? Maybe a mistake occurred while we were leaving the Witness State?

No no no, how could that be?

Shocked by how easily his fiancée had almost made him doubt his own sanity, Roel quickly shook his head to straighten his thoughts and calmed himself once more. He was alarmed at how powerful Charlotte’s brainwashing ability was.

To be honest, if Charlotte refused to acknowledge the agreement, there was very little that Roel could do. Since it was mutually beneficial to both of them to annul the engagement back then, he didn’t think that there was a need to affirm it on paper. As a result, he had no evidence to prove that the agreement had really existed.

This made Roel’s head hurt a little, so he decided to turn his attention elsewhere for the time being—his System.

The Witness State this time around had been fraught with dangers. Roel and Charlotte had encountered numerous life-and-death encounters over the short five days, but in exchange, the high stakes were repaid with high rewards. The greatest example was the spell ‘Glacial Touch’, though there were many other things too.

【Evaluation: Perfect (115)】

【Congratulations, you h

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